Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois

My Amish Buggy Photo Gift….  A potholder. This is an original Amish buggy in Arthur, Illninois- the heart of Amishland. $20.00 Pot holders can fancy up your favorite dishes and also make a great housewarming gift! These pot holders are thick and durable to protect you and your furniture from hot or cold items. AddContinue reading “Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois”

Photograph: Amish Buggy in Arthur, Illinois

Seeing Amish buggies in Arthur, Illinois is a common occurence. Although, for some who don’t live around this area, they don’t see it often. Thought I would take a photo of one to share with those of you who follow my blog. I know to some, it is pretty awesome to see these, since theyContinue reading “Photograph: Amish Buggy in Arthur, Illinois”