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A River Gone Dry

A crumbling river of red and broken stones found itself
flowing through the cracks of an aching heart…
A hurting soul of human pain that painted
itself upon a heavy chest..…

Bits of escaping light attempted to sparkle through the
brick wall that seemed to suddenly cement itself,
creating a barren locked door.

Heavy was the soul,
although light attempted to fiercely travel
through the deepening cracks of its aching heart…

A sullen desert resided within her innocent eyes,
pools and rivers, gone dry,
with no tear, yet to cry…

How many years, weeks and days had gone by,
without a drop falling from heavy dry eyes?

….Heavy chest…
and hurting soul,
a heart begging for mercy called upon faith
to break down its doors,
so that a river could flow through the desert once more…

– Ariana R. Cherry 2018





Sometimes among a large crowd,
I think I hear everyone's chasing thoughts
and judgements within my mind, all echoing aloud...

but perhaps... it is just fear...
Just internal fear, screaming in my ear.

I see all of their intimidating eyes...
staring back at a so small me - 
and I wonder...
what is it, 
that they see?

Do they see...
the real me ?

Do I even want them to see?

Sometimes, in the midst of conversation,
I get lost...
...voices trail off to lands ago,
and my mind, calculates all the things
from hours ago - 
that I needed to know....

Before I realize it,
the conversation has gone...
and so have I...

...among friends,
I may talk, laugh and tell jokes to no end

But even then, after it is all over,
I wonder...
Did they laugh because they truly thought it was funny?
...or deep down...
Were they all just laughing at ... the real me?

In a world, so full of quick judgement
and unrealistic expectations.... can be difficult to be...

Human emotions can be challenging...
Hard to reveal...
even difficult to admit - how you feel.

Do we openly cry when we are sad - 
or do we run away and hide, behind a closed door-
because we fear that it looks bad?

Do we worry what others will say...
Because perhaps - we don't feel like talking today?

...sometimes...we feel so small...
Because the world has made us feel like...
we aren't really here at all.

Perhaps many of us are feeling the same...
But we just don't explain...
Because we worry 
that it will make us seem... plain.

Or perhaps, some of us are afraid to just be...human.

....Are we ashamed?
...or have we become -

- Ariana R. Cherry 2017


A close friend told me something the other day that I have heard before – and sometimes believe myself – “You are right where you need to be at the present time.” As humans, we experience a multitude of life changes throughout our lives… They begin the moment we let out our first cry into this world…From that moment, we begin to experience “the human life.”

There are so many directions our lives can go – It can make us wonder – are the things that happen in our lives part of God’s plan? Is it destiny? Even if I go “off the path,” will I find my way back onto the right one? … What in the world is all of this for anyway?

I am sure we all have asked ourselves those questions…. Even being a person of faith, we still question the events that happen in our lives. I know I’ve asked some of those questions myself.

Even if we are at a certain point in our life where we aren’t quite sure why it is happening – I have faith that God is going to give us the tools that we need to get through that specific point. They may not be concrete tools – or seem obvious – but as some time passes – we will see how certain people, going certain places or even joining in a specific activity- might have helped us get through a certain period in our life.

For example- I will talk about some of the things in my life to help explain. At this moment in time -I feel like I am currently part of a “healing journey.” I had a time period of some years that were quite difficult for me (which I have explained in other blog entries). It was a difficult marriage and very stressful time for me – Life was just stressful and plain noisy. My mind and heart were both at war and my spirit was slowly breaking….

Eventually, I broke away a couple years ago… At first, I still was dealing with some pretty stressful things, but then, my life went in total overhaul. It definitely was a shock to my system at first, but now, I understand all of these tools that have been put in place as I begin my “healing journey.” Number one – I changed jobs. I was laid off and then offered another position at a church – which has been a wonderful new change. I have met new people and have gotten to know aquaintances whom I can now call friends. My new job has allowed me to use my creative talents and knowledge that I have. I don’t consider this place just a job – to me – it is just a second home to come to. I really love the people who I work for. Not only has this church been a job – but it has been a place to learn and expand what knowledge I already had about the Bible and God. This church has welcomed me with open arms and has been very accepting – its people has made me feel right at home.

Number two – wonderful friends and great relationships. A few of my friendships have become closer and we are all learning from each other through our experiences. We have become more open with each other. I feel like I have gotten a chance to bond and share things I might have not shared before…. Because of this – I have become a more open person. There is no reason to hide anymore.I also have someone who openly cares about me – and doesn’t put me down or make me feel like less of a person. Sometimes I keep waiting for this person to blow up at me – because that is what I had become accustomed to the last few years – but so far – no blow up … and they tell me it won’t ever happen.

Number three- a great counselor: I went through 2 interns before asking for a counselor who wasn’t an intern. That made all the difference. I don’t have to keep rehashing my story to relive it time and time again – and she has the experience that is needed to help me heal. This counselor has allowed me to see things in my life in a new light and really evaluate just exactly what I have been through…

Number four: changing homes/changing schedule: my life is more at peace. I used to live in a larger home, but downsized to something smaller. I don’t have a need for a lot of space. All I need is a place to read, do my crafts, watch some movies , cook and sleep. My new home is very close to my work and requires less upkeep – Allowing me more time to spend with my friends and those that I love and to make time for hobbies.

All of these tools have been placed at this time at this point in my life. I didn’t realize all of this at once – But I have slowly been putting it all together. God really does want me here at this point in my life – and he placed all of these tools in my life at this moment. Slowly, but surely, I can begin to heal, and then become a better and healthier person so that I can help others who have been through a similar experience.

So if you ever question if you are in the right place – at this moment – the answer is probably yes. We are all on a journey. We are all on different parts of our journey and all of us are given lessons to learn. The tools are there to help. You just need to open your heart – you’ll see – everything is right there in front of you.

You are in the right place at this moment.



I am human.
I am breath of life.

Singing to the uplifting music that appeals to my thankful ears,
and dancing with the legs and moving feet that were gifted to me.
I am alive.

Creating with the aging hands that God gave me,
And reading and envisioning worlds with eyes that allow me to see beauty.
I am alive.

Individual thoughts, every-day images and complicated processes travel through my mind,
allowing me to contemplate and stare at the stars.
I feel and experience everchanging emotions with a beating heart.
It all enlightens me.
I am alive.

I am unique.
I am an original.
Nobody can be me.
Sometimes, not everybody really knows me-
but that is okay.
I am human.

I was given a gift.
I am not immortal.
But my spirit will carry on for lifetimes…

One day, I’ll dance with the stars
and sleep on the moon.

My spirit will sing while my soul dances in the sunshine.
My heart will love eternally –
even… stops…beating.

I am alive.
and even when I return to dust,
I will fly.

I am breath of life.

I am…me.
Ariana Cherry 2016