Where do you find inspiration for art?

I have been submerging myself back into my art again and trying to post it online in my Etsy shop and also building a website with my products as well. Building a website and putting your art for sale can be a bit exciting, yet a little scary, because you don’t know if it willContinue reading “Where do you find inspiration for art?”

Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to inspire me for topics to write about. Sometimes the books that I read, movies that I watch or even the music I listen to inspires me to write a poem. Awhile back, I added this cool new desktop little “flip-book” to my Amazon wishContinue reading “Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries”

Original Autumn Poetry

I was in Barnes and Nobles bookstore a couple weeks ago and found a neat little book called, “Instant Poetry.” The book is great for “poetry starters,” and for inspiration too. There were a few lines of some “poetry starters” that helped inspire this poem. And not only that, the streets that are lined withContinue reading “Original Autumn Poetry”

Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?

A question writers often get asked…. “What inspires you? I  am here to answer that question. I always find it an easy question to answer – because the thing that inspires me – is what is directly in front of me – LIFE! There are so many things to life – How can you notContinue reading “Life as an Indie Horror Writer: What inspires you?”

Inspirational Sayings: Choices

(Going back in history today. I wrote this as a status update last year in November and it could actually help people I think. Just thought I would share it. ) The choices you have in life will either eat you up inside-or set you free. Sometimes, you have to leave it to the universe,Continue reading “Inspirational Sayings: Choices”

Poem: It’s Okay Not to Plan

—Found another old poem on my time-line. I wrote it  back in December of 2014.– It’s Okay…Not to Plan Sometimes… If we live life as a plan… Planning for each moment, We forget to enjoy the surprises And all the little things in life… If we plan to live. Then we don’t really See life…Continue reading “Poem: It’s Okay Not to Plan”

Life on Pause: The Meaning of Life

Two of the most asked questions in our lives often are: “What is the meaning of life?” and “Why am I here?” It is amazing, how we are born into this world and with that first breath and outpouring cry, we begin the journey, that is only to end, years later…What in the world isContinue reading “Life on Pause: The Meaning of Life”

Life on Pause: Pleasing others ….and trying to find my own happiness

So I have to admit, I have been a “people pleaser” for the majority of my life. I’ve played it safe, and always have done what I believed is right. I made sure what I was doing, was right in the eyes of everyone else too. It takes a lot for me to admit that. IContinue reading “Life on Pause: Pleasing others ….and trying to find my own happiness”

Life on Pause

You ever feel like your life was moving at a fine steady pace, and then- all of a sudden, it came to a screeching halt? I have. I’m there right now. For the past 12 years, I was employed at a community action agency, helping families with utilities, food and referring them to organizations ifContinue reading “Life on Pause”

Poem: Moving on

MOVING ON Down a path of an everchanging life, I look behind me… Experencing all the events that once were and the scenes that still are yet to be. My heart beats emotionally to the tune of nature’s music, walking down through the rocky path of where I have yet to go. The wise oldContinue reading “Poem: Moving on”