Inspirational Poetry: The Colors of Culture

Color is not important when describing our skins of the human race. But the shade and insignia of the rainbow is important for our vision ahead so we can see the world in front of our face. The contrast among the people is our individuality and what makes culture special. There’s no reason to beContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: The Colors of Culture”

Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time

Time slithers through the seconds as it makes momentarily lapses through each minute, but ponders on the hour. Moments freeze as if to take a photo, capturing a memory before it races by. We are time… Time lives in us. Time controls our movements as we leap through life, Before we turn to dust… writtenContinue reading “Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time”

Inspirational Poetry:No One Would Understand the Words

No One Would Understand the Words —————————— So many times ago… I was told – No one would understand the words… The words that flow so openly through the feathered pen of my musical heart… Those words, that pick every particle of my inquisitive mind apart. They said nobody would understand… The words of myContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry:No One Would Understand the Words”

Stranger in the Mirror

Stranger in the Mirror In the mirror, an unknown world presents its reflection, As a stranger with familiar eyes, stares back… A place that was once identifiable, Now seemed unrecognizable, As a fog covered the dusty glass… What always showed beyond the reflection Wasn’t always the reality, That the mind foretold… The stranger with familiarContinue reading “Stranger in the Mirror”

Spiraling into the Abyss

Spiraling into the abyss. Spiraling into a deep dark abyss, she was interrupted during a time when she had just started living. A second of her life, had become measured into increments of what felt like an eternity. The dark abyss had captured her overworked mind, A mind that had become restless, keeping her awakeContinue reading “Spiraling into the Abyss”

Easter Poem: Return to Life

RETURN TO LIFE His beaten battered marked body, was removed from the wooden cross from which he had been so horridly displayed. Jesus was then carried away to an old borrowed tomb, from which he would stay until the stone was rolled away. While his followers in their hearts believed, it was they who denied.Continue reading “Easter Poem: Return to Life”

Poem: Beyond the Universe

Beyond the Universe Beyond the vast universe, amongst the farthest plane where the stars burn on fire shining the brightest lights that are eyes could ever imagine, is another world, another place, Where realities tell a different tale- another perspective that our minds could perhaps not even fathom. Another open door that lead to aContinue reading “Poem: Beyond the Universe”