Inspirational Poem: I am Fighting

I AM FIGHTING There’s been a fight for so long. A struggle to tame the tired soul and heal the broken spirit.   A fight to breathe A fight to sing Although, the struggle to love was never there.   Every moment that I took a moment to look up and get lost in theContinue reading “Inspirational Poem: I am Fighting”

Inspirational Poetry: Set it Free

Set it free Sometimes, thou thinks too much, Or does he speak too much? Exactly, what does one think, When he speaks? Has he ever heard of silence? The quiet still of the air? Or the soft heartbeat of the chest ? Or perhaps, the breath from her lips? Has thou taken a moment, ToContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Set it Free”

Inspirational Poetry: Silent Church

SILENT CHURCH In the darkness of a dim-lighted sanctuary, A lightness hangs in the cool air… Memories of years past, those who once sat there, chattering in the pews. Or the uplifting singing voices that filled the Sunday air…. I stand alone in the middle of the empty aisle, waiting to hear a voice, forContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Silent Church”

Poem: Phases

PHASES I was in a familiar routine for so many years. Going here….and traveling there. I knew the predictions. My heart knew them so well, it brought me to tears. My life knew the direction it was going. I predicted when the sun would rise, when it would set. Life was “normal.” Until one day…Continue reading “Poem: Phases”

Poetry: Empathy

Poetry: Empathy Sometimes, I feel all alone in this wide universe, even when I am surrounded by so many people, so many emotions and so much noise… The noise plays a music that may seem deaf to others, but sings a song so loud like pure agony shrills that pierce throughout my ears… Every tearContinue reading “Poetry: Empathy”

Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams

She Silently Screams Through the fire and flames, she foresaw the images of yesterday, the fears and the terrors that brought her nighttime dreams. Those things that haunted her mind, that made her silently scream. An uncharted past, that so diligently took up space in her head, that carried disturbing thoughts when she went toContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams”

Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words

SCATTERED WORDS Piles of words, laid scattered on the floor, trying to make sense of the mess. They quizzically spelled out what seemed to be a simple confusion. Phrases that so easily fit together, now seemed complicated and conflicted. Thoughts rambled, and the words were like dust, hiding under a thick silent fog, although theContinue reading “Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words”

Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude

I don’t  know how long I’ll be here, or what trials I will encounter, but I do know, that this life, is truly a gift from a superior power up above. The one whom we call Father, that we adore. Who gave us our first breath of life, when we came knocking at his door.Continue reading “Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude”

Mortality and Eternity

  Tis, conversations can get quite versatilewhen it comes to discussions of our own mortality.Thoughts of eternity come to mind,and then silence takes place,bringing talks to a short lull. Might I offer you my friend,between me and you,there really is no end. All it takes is some observations,quiet thoughts and prayer,to realize-You really shouldn’t haveContinue reading “Mortality and Eternity”

Poem: May I have this dance?

May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner, in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been awhile, since I have been given the chance. In the dark, under the sparkling lights, My mind races back, trying to find that magical spark. May I have this dance? TheContinue reading “Poem: May I have this dance?”