Where do you find inspiration for art?

I have been submerging myself back into my art again and trying to post it online in my Etsy shop and also building a website with my products as well. Building a website and putting your art for sale can be a bit exciting, yet a little scary, because you don’t know if it willContinue reading “Where do you find inspiration for art?”

Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to inspire me for topics to write about. Sometimes the books that I read, movies that I watch or even the music I listen to inspires me to write a poem. Awhile back, I added this cool new desktop little “flip-book” to my Amazon wishContinue reading “Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries”

Thank you to those who read…

I’ve always said that I don’t write to get rich… I write just so that perhaps I may inspire others – or to just share a story or two….Poetry seems to be the language in which I do that best… While I have not made a best seller list – (which – would be aContinue reading “Thank you to those who read…”