Changing of Seasons

Within the last year or two, I’ve been closely “monitoring” nature…. and its seasons – as well as the “seasons” within my life… But first, we’ll take a look at nature… Have you ever wandered down the sidewalks and streets… or through the parks – and felt the air…and really listened to it? You canContinue reading “Changing of Seasons”

Fur Elise Mix on Keyboard: by Ariana R. Cherry

I’ve  been taking piano lessons for a little while – it is something I have always wanted to do… And I learned how to play “Fur Elise.” This is a mix between steady tempo and a bit of jazzy added to it… Keep in mind – I am a beginner… Enjoy!

Life on Pause: Looking Back

Bless me….”Life on Pause” blog, for it has been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy with life things, pursuing interests and working. Everything may come to a close next month. A little over two years later, there might be some closure. Closure on the outside, but not quite on the inside. My mindContinue reading “Life on Pause: Looking Back”

Life on Pause: You are in the right place at this moment.

A close friend told me something the other day that I have heard before – and sometimes believe myself – “You are right where you need to be at the present time.” As humans, we experience a multitude of life changes throughout our lives… They begin the moment we let out our first cry intoContinue reading “Life on Pause: You are in the right place at this moment.”

Inspirational Poetry: My Path

My Path “While I may appear to be falling apart, I am only stumbling over the rocks On the journey in which the Lord has Brought forth to me. They are lessons in the sand in which he has brought me to learn. His love will lead me And faith will break me free. IContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: My Path”