Life on Pause: “THE STARE”

Have you ever had a point in your life where you have felt like you are wearing a shirt with a big red letter “A” on it  – similar to the character from the book, “The Scarlet Letter?” Well – I have had plenty of opportunities to feel such a way – and – youContinue reading “Life on Pause: “THE STARE””

Life on Pause: Looking Back

Bless me….”Life on Pause” blog, for it has been awhile since my last post. I’ve been busy with life things, pursuing interests and working. Everything may come to a close next month. A little over two years later, there might be some closure. Closure on the outside, but not quite on the inside. My mindContinue reading “Life on Pause: Looking Back”

Life on Pause: Impatient and frustrated

I have to admit…I’m anxious. My mind is busy. It is quite tired. I do not like to wait – especially on things that I have no control over. I don’t need to be able to control every situation- but when it is something IMPORTANT to do with my life – I hate that theContinue reading “Life on Pause: Impatient and frustrated”

Life on Pause: What do you do when “Play” is pushed?

So…your life has felt stagnant…on pause….But what do you do when that “play button” is finally pushed? How will you react?… Slowly, my movie is returning to play…. Scenes are being added and new characters are being developed…and even new plot twists are coming up – but you know what? That is good, because itContinue reading “Life on Pause: What do you do when “Play” is pushed?”

Life on Pause: I was told that I was “Normal” today.

So, I am not crazy after-all. In fact, I am normal. And I am addressing the issues that I had faced… I am just a person experiencing the aftermath of being hurt…for so long. Anyone who has been in my shoes can agree that our fears and feelings can sometimes make us feel quite crazy.Continue reading “Life on Pause: I was told that I was “Normal” today.”

Life on Pause: Inspirational Novel

For those of you who have been following my blog, “Life on Pause,” it now will be a book for  you to add to your collection. Life on Pause has been a theraputic blog that I have been posting in for over a year or so. It is  a collection of my thoughs at recentContinue reading “Life on Pause: Inspirational Novel”

Life on Pause: I was told, “You’re Going to Hell.”

It’s been about a year and half now that I left a pretty difficult atmosphere. It didn’t start out all terrible, but through the years, the fog got thicker. I was told some pretty horrific things and got called some pretty nasty names… I was put down more than once. But I think one ofContinue reading “Life on Pause: I was told, “You’re Going to Hell.””

Life on Pause: What is Your Purpose in Life?

I’m not much of a daytime television type of person, but on my lunch break during the week, I watch a favorite soap opera of mine and then sometimes – a talk show called, “The Talk” on CBS. Most of the time, it is usually gossip about entertainment, but the other day, they actually discusssedContinue reading “Life on Pause: What is Your Purpose in Life?”

Life on Pause:Religion: Christianity & spirtuality …confusion in my life

Religion seems to be such a large part of who we are in life… It is a tradition passed on to us through our family and something we grow up learning about. We attend church services based on what religion we identify with. And if we are lucky, we continue following in those same footsteps,Continue reading “Life on Pause:Religion: Christianity & spirtuality …confusion in my life”

Life on Pause: Sometimes, chocolate doesn’t cover it.

Life can be hard. We can feel like we are floating in the air, and the next time, it’s like something comes and knocks that air right out of us… And then you reach for that chocolate happiness–and that…isn’t even enough. I can’t lie… This time of year has started to become hard for meContinue reading “Life on Pause: Sometimes, chocolate doesn’t cover it.”