Changing of Seasons

Within the last year or two, I’ve been closely “monitoring” nature…. and its seasons – as well as the “seasons” within my life… But first, we’ll take a look at nature… Have you ever wandered down the sidewalks and streets… or through the parks – and felt the air…and really listened to it? You canContinue reading “Changing of Seasons”

Inspiration: Evolution

    “Time….is like a circle that keeps on revolving…Moving through every season, looping through all the weather that blows through our lives… Round and round it loops…never-ending – as each generation moves on…and our spirits, forever, living on through their hearts, as we whisper the wisdom in which we have carried through our lifetime…”Continue reading “Inspiration: Evolution”

Wondering Soul

Wondering Soul: —————————————- What is thy purpose for an earthly life that is not eternal? For how do we know how to seek our mission or know how much time we have…? For our time is unknown… Even though our minds do not have all the answers, our hearts are overflowing with passion… But ourContinue reading “Wondering Soul”

Perfection and You- A Poem

PERFECTION ….and You- A poem ————————————————————- p…e..r…f..e..c..t..i..o..n We may seek perfection… But, we too, falter… Perfection is unattainable, No matter how hard we try… …What is perfection to you? …Why is it so important to you? …do you feel the need to impress? Or…have you spent your entire life trying to please- Because of thatContinue reading “Perfection and You- A Poem”

Without Faith- then what do we have?

Without faith, what do we have? Without faith, then what is the point to living? …Every one of us was put here for a reason…A reason to live. In those moments that we feel the smallest, we must remember that we have a purpose. …What is your story ? What do you have to testifyContinue reading “Without Faith- then what do we have?”

Does life foreshadow our wars that we fight?

We all have heard of Foreshadowing in literature….We all want that happy ending like in fairy tales…But does any of this apply to real life? Is there Foreshadowing in our lives? Are we being warned before we enter that darkness? Before trauma crosses our path? We all have a story…a background from which we comeContinue reading “Does life foreshadow our wars that we fight?”

Poetry: Foreshadowing in Life

FORESHADOWING IN LIFE? Foreshadow- A warning…or indication of a future event. Throughout our lives, events take place. We question their timing… The why’s… …and when… So many questions Lead to impossible conundrums and We look for clues. Were we warned? Did our divine father leave simple hints? Or were we blind to a truth thatContinue reading “Poetry: Foreshadowing in Life”

Life Writings: “Man is like a breath…”

…”Man is like a breath, his days are like a passing shadow…” – Psalm 144:4…. …. As I get older, I find myself realizing just exactly how short life really is…. When I was younger, life seemed to go slow…As a child, you wait for specific holidays, birthdays, summer vacations or the next day whenContinue reading “Life Writings: “Man is like a breath…””

Poetry: All in a Minute

All in a minute ************************* within a tenth of a second, we breathe the breath of life.  Inhale the gift of air… …and sigh… In a brief moment, we blink… set focus to see… To see…our life in all of the wondrous amazement that it is… In contemplation.. for seconds, we may stare into theContinue reading “Poetry: All in a Minute”

Poetry: ….”The Journey.”

…The Journey ******************   Our lives… are delicate.   Our physical existence on this earthly plane, is not forever, but the heart of our souls lives on.   Objects and possessions are not to represent us, Although, the love that we have been gifted, can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.   Each moment…Continue reading “Poetry: ….”The Journey.””