How do you destroy the monster – without actually becoming one?

How do you destroy the monster without actually becoming one? How do you conqueror the darkness without actually becoming lost? How do you reach out for warmth when it burns to your touch, but your heart, craves it so much? Nobody said fighting the monster would be easy, but somehow, you fight, just so youContinue reading “How do you destroy the monster – without actually becoming one?”

Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness

BITS OF MADNESS Blinding periodical bits of madness that dances upon an estranged soul… A blackness that permeated a once bright light into a dull dark cloud, Covering a wild hidden forest with its own personal death shroud. Echoes of solemn wolf howls flow through the deep woods, releasing an invisible pain… A song ofContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness”

Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator

  The Perpetrator Red-eyed salivating wolf growling with unemotional howls… You attack without regret and devour the souls of innocent victims. Preys of your hunt have found themselves chained and shackled to their own hearts, pulling for freedom in your devious game of tug-of-war… They grasp for one last life-line until their spirit cracks, waitingContinue reading “Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator”

Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind

Deep lurid secrets were buried beneath innocent bones… Her skin unraveled aching to set them free. Beyond the light, something mystical was unsettling to thee… Shrieks of agony and Piercing screams of ecstasy echoed throughout thy delirious mind. Hidden memories lay dormant. Unsound. Unkept. The only escape were through the tears, thee wept. Erratic. deranged.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Trapped in Thy Mind”

Dark Poetry: Twisted Head

    What happens when darkness hits your soul, Everything that you once knew as light suddenly goes black….   And all that once was living, suddenly becomes dead….   Soon after, all the realities that you once knew, became twisted in your head.   And your soul becomes darkness …for the light will beContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Twisted Head”

Poetry: Shine a Light

Shine a Light The cursor on the screen blinks on…and off…and on… Does she write what’s really on her mind? Will she dare share the thoughts that are hidden behind a dark wall, or does she turn on a light and let is shine? A few words typed out on a keyboard, displaying thoughts, secretsContinue reading “Poetry: Shine a Light”

Poem: Light in the Woods

  The light in the Woods A light flickered into the woods As I made my way Through the trees, Looking to get lost. An unknown rocky path, I had trod , following the radiant glow Of the flickering light. A beacon of hope, An escape from the darkness, That once blanketed the forest. AContinue reading “Poem: Light in the Woods”

Lost, but I surrender…

Down the trotted path I troth, breathing in a lost forgotten darkness that I so terribly loathe. My heart has grown cold, and my blood is thin as I begin to shiver in the damp cool mist. Why this place has forsaken me, I do not know. My memory is faded, as it has lostContinue reading “Lost, but I surrender…”