Poem: Free us from the Arctic Blast

  FREE US FROM THE ARCTIC BLAST …Venturing out into the arctic tundra chill Where the bleak cold frozen air hangs so still… Winter snow boots crunch upon the hibernating ground, as the echoes of their journey are heard all around… Frozen in time, ice dances across the window sills, while my shivering hand runsContinue reading “Poem: Free us from the Arctic Blast”

Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude

  Winter Solitude ——————————- Alas, there was a barren crossroad, or perhaps crossfigured, in denial of where it shall meet. But then, there were the lonely trees – those too, barren. Its leaves stolen from an irate wind that left frigid ice in its place. Barren crossroads. Naked trees. Tis it all seemed too muchContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude”

Dark Poetry: Life Thief

LIFE THIEF …trapped In a somber compassionless barren room. Thy thoughts were alone, whispering in her lonely chattering mind. Silence poured from its salvating mouth, while febrile air burned her face. Sinking low, impeled into a corner. Life thief! running away with thy mutilated heart, only to pour out its warm crimson blood. Held prisonerContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Life Thief”

Not Forgotten

In a wondrous moment Of pale moonlight, A’sale , still feeling quite Like a freighted young child, Hid beneath the long wicked branches Of an overgrown  rusty old tree. A’sale was lost in a moment, Left behind, Somewhere in a once forgotten Moment, had lost her mind, No matter how hard she tried, That memoryContinue reading “Not Forgotten”