Ariana R Cherry: Special Guest speaker at Art in Equality Convention

Local author, Ariana R Cherry will be speaking at the first annual Art in Equality Convention on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at the Savoy Recreation Center in Savoy, Illinois. It is a convention and film festival focusing on Equality for all: LGBTQ, all races, all religions, all sexes. “We are ALL human, let’s stop the hate.Continue reading “Ariana R Cherry: Special Guest speaker at Art in Equality Convention”

Dark Inspirational Poetry: His Choice

His Choice It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff, pearing down at an aching world below…. He saw a world of havoc, pain and confusion… Love was lost in between the waves of dense fog that hung heavy in the polluted air…. Standing on the corner, Watching, waiting, It folded his hands,Continue reading “Dark Inspirational Poetry: His Choice”

Poetry: All in a Minute

All in a minute ************************* within a tenth of a second, we breathe the breath of life.  Inhale the gift of air… …and sigh… In a brief moment, we blink… set focus to see… To see…our life in all of the wondrous amazement that it is… In contemplation.. for seconds, we may stare into theContinue reading “Poetry: All in a Minute”

Poetry: ….”The Journey.”

…The Journey ******************   Our lives… are delicate.   Our physical existence on this earthly plane, is not forever, but the heart of our souls lives on.   Objects and possessions are not to represent us, Although, the love that we have been gifted, can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.   Each moment…Continue reading “Poetry: ….”The Journey.””

Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter

THE HEREAFTER a place of wonderous daydream beyond unlimited time and universal space in a life hereafter… We will sparkle with the dazzling stars and dance with the brightest moonlight to an infinity of everlasting love… Will we know heaven we see it? or shall it be beating in our eternal hearts as a memoryContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: The Hereafter”

Poetry: “What If”

What If What if we forgot all the strenuous turmoil? What if trauma no longer tainted our souls? And what if, we all could be innocent again? ….There would be a universe without havoc… Moving…in perfect sync, as the full moon danced brightly in line with all of our wishing stars… and there would beContinue reading “Poetry: “What If””

Happy Fourth of July! “We Remain United”

  The bright iridescent colorful lights sparkle up so high Echoing into the deep dark nighttime cloudless sky. Another year we celebrate as one for the freedom we have won… …even in times, when we feel divided as a nation and torn apart… We have our history, our faith and love to bring us backContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July! “We Remain United””

Poetry: “Recalling Home”

  Recalling Home…. My beating heart yearns for a place that it remembers as home.   Yet my mind, cannot recall its sacred destination… My soul desires beauty and peace, A place where love flows as free as the calm waters of the ocean, and harmonious music carries through the cool wind breeze….   SomewhereContinue reading “Poetry: “Recalling Home””


THE NEW WORLD PART 3 With a gentle laugh, the man smiled at Nadia as they found their way down the long spiraling gold hall… “You don’t know recognize me, do you my dear sweet, Nadia, do you?”   Nadia blushed profusely… She stared down at the sparkling moon shaped precious stone and slowly shookContinue reading “THE NEW WORLD: part 3”

Poetry: When Love is all that is left…

  Sometimes, it hurts, to feel everything so much. With reality, it puts you out of touch… Those, with the wooden hand- they don’t plan. They’d rather rip the warranty tag from your soul. Trying to shorten your “eternity.” As if they could! But when, they scratch your soul, You’re left, crying in the rain…Continue reading “Poetry: When Love is all that is left…”