Life on Pause: …”Proving” Your Christianity

…It is amazing just how many ridiculous things I have forgotten from my previous relationship until a trigger or memory brings up something.. When you are in the midst of trauma – you don’t realize how bad the situation is – or exactly what is going on – because to you – It is yourContinue reading “Life on Pause: …”Proving” Your Christianity”

Life on Pause: …A Life Eternal

…It’s been one of those weeks – where for a few days, you were literally running on adrenaline- and then, you come crashing down to a halt. I learned of my step-grandmother’s passing this past Monday  – although- she never was Just “step” to me – she was just grandma. We had her funeral andContinue reading “Life on Pause: …A Life Eternal”

Life on Pause: When Love hurts…

I recently came across a very good article…”But he never hit me.” … So many women need to read this article- abuse does not just have to be physical. Sadly – I could identify with some of the feelings the woman in this article had felt… At least thankfully – I never had to dealContinue reading “Life on Pause: When Love hurts…”

Dark Poetry: Broken

Broken The moment I escaped out that door, I felt all of my frightened blood rushing to the floor. Out the door to a haunted world unknown, where I feared I’d be all alone. One too many times- you had cast the sacred stone. A desire for madness overtook a confused and broken heart asContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Broken”

Humorous Poetry:Why I Loathe Valentine’s Day

    A funny poem I wrote about Valentine’s Day ______________________________ WHY I LOATHE VALENTINE’s DAY While love can always be in the air It’s the commercialism of the holiday that I don’t really care ABOUT. Love is something deep and true, but then the TV has to advertise with appetizing candy commercials too. TheContinue reading “Humorous Poetry:Why I Loathe Valentine’s Day”

Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator

  The Perpetrator Red-eyed salivating wolf growling with unemotional howls… You attack without regret and devour the souls of innocent victims. Preys of your hunt have found themselves chained and shackled to their own hearts, pulling for freedom in your devious game of tug-of-war… They grasp for one last life-line until their spirit cracks, waitingContinue reading “Dark Poetry : The Perpetrator”

This & That: We are all human

It is amazing that Trump has only been president for a little over a week. The hate, rioting and fierce protesting that I have been seeing, is just – unreal. Some of the social network websites are not a happy place to be…. People who are for Trump…or against – are in dispute. I haven’tContinue reading “This & That: We are all human”

Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love

To You, Dearest Love __________________________ My deareset love, oh thou, my heart has ached for you a million years. Sitting under a bright kindred moonlight, my thoughts fall back to your tender touch. I lay here, counting every single twinkling star up in the clear night sky, bathing in amorous memories that I wear uponContinue reading “Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love”