Inspirational Sayings: Choices

(Going back in history today. I wrote this as a status update last year in November and it could actually help people I think. Just thought I would share it. ) The choices you have in life will either eat you up inside-or set you free. Sometimes, you have to leave it to the universe,Continue reading “Inspirational Sayings: Choices”

Life on Pause: Relationships

I am 34 years old – funny – i almost wrote 32… Time flies when you are having fun. Or was I having fun?… When you are a teenager, you think you know everything. Then you find out- you didn’t know anything at all. Once you hit your 20’s, you start going to the almightyContinue reading “Life on Pause: Relationships”

Poetry: Empathy

Poetry: Empathy Sometimes, I feel all alone in this wide universe, even when I am surrounded by so many people, so many emotions and so much noise… The noise plays a music that may seem deaf to others, but sings a song so loud like pure agony shrills that pierce throughout my ears… Every tearContinue reading “Poetry: Empathy”

Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love

Still is the air In a world gone black. Peace knows no glory And all hope was released into a red cresent moon, When humanity traded their souls, For an unknown deadly cost. The remaining few gasp for air In a failing world Of lost spirit, And confused identities… They refused to turn in theirContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love”

Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude

I don’t  know how long I’ll be here, or what trials I will encounter, but I do know, that this life, is truly a gift from a superior power up above. The one whom we call Father, that we adore. Who gave us our first breath of life, when we came knocking at his door.Continue reading “Poem: An Infinite World of Multitude”

GOD Does Not Belong in a Box

His Love is Everywhere Where does God start in your life? In your place of peace, where do you feel God the most? Do you feel him when you first wake up in the mornings? Is he with you during that first cup of coffee? Or perhaps on that morning stroll, as you bask inContinue reading “GOD Does Not Belong in a Box”

Mortality and Eternity

  Tis, conversations can get quite versatilewhen it comes to discussions of our own mortality.Thoughts of eternity come to mind,and then silence takes place,bringing talks to a short lull. Might I offer you my friend,between me and you,there really is no end. All it takes is some observations,quiet thoughts and prayer,to realize-You really shouldn’t haveContinue reading “Mortality and Eternity”

Poetry: Life Carries On

Time is unlimited. I don’t know how long I’ll keep breathing. Or how long my heart will continue beating. But I know that my soul will carry on. My love is like the waters of the ocean. It flows on forever .. With each wave, my hope Transcends into peace and tranquility. A hope thatContinue reading “Poetry: Life Carries On”

Divine Love

Under the super moon Of a late evening nighttime sky. I sit out on the lawn, Deep in thought,  Giving thoughts and questions In the form of a prayer…. Above, the stars twinkle and shine, The scene is so beautiful and divine… I can’t even fathom the thought of those Who believe that a GodContinue reading “Divine Love”