Spoken Poetry: What If Life Were a Metaphor?

  I’ve been trying to record some of my poems into “spoken poetry, ” and also putting them on our podcast network… The most recent one I have recorded is titled, “What If Life Were a Metaphor?” You can read the poem here by clicking HERE as you listen to the recording by clicking onContinue reading “Spoken Poetry: What If Life Were a Metaphor?”

Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?

What if Life were a Metaphor? ———————————————– Take a moment, unwind your busy thoughtful mind… Unfurl the concepts, the now…and what is.. My friend, I ask you this… What if life, were merely, a metaphor? That vast life, and never-ending beauty all around was purely out of reach… That somehow, this was just another entrance,Continue reading “Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?”