Dark Poetry: IT Comes Again (Psychological Warfare)

IT Comes again…(Psychological Warfare) ————————————————————   The mutterings of my intricate mind Are louder than the whispers that float from my dry lips… …the clouds of darkness swim into an already crowded room.   Its hours after midnight, and the battles return for the hours that reside Between our world and that other other-worldly realm.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: IT Comes Again (Psychological Warfare)”

Poetry: Eternal Haunting

Eternal Haunting ———————————————–   She fought within her mind, the origin of her own mortality… The completion of it all… Her own eternal being would haunt her…   It seemed as if death itself, the dark knight, beckoned upon her doorsteps, rapping at her door in rhythmical undertones…   The young soul, sat, perched inContinue reading “Poetry: Eternal Haunting”

Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams   Night after night, as my head hits the evening pillow, I wish the moon adieu and close my tired eyes tight…   I await to blissfully nod off into a cosmic starlit darkness, but mixed psychedelic memories play scene after scene throughout my mind… As my conscious battles with myContinue reading “Poetry: Battle of My Dreams”

Poetry: Shall I Speak?

  Shall I Speak? So many words run deep, Yet so little time… Do I spill them on the blank paper For all the blind world to see? For all a judging world to feel Through the clear looking Glass And see this unkempt reality? Or… Shall I let the percolating words simmer… Perhaps steep,Continue reading “Poetry: Shall I Speak?”

Poetry: That Autumn Revolving Door

That Autumn Revolving Door **************************** …. I know, I’ve been here before… The air has cooled, the howling wind has chilled and faded colored leaves make their journey to the ground.. Sometimes- I think I might have even seen a frown. It’s that setting, the time that I remember from some years gone past… ThoseContinue reading “Poetry: That Autumn Revolving Door”

Poetry: “Recalling Home”

  Recalling Home…. My beating heart yearns for a place that it remembers as home.   Yet my mind, cannot recall its sacred destination… My soul desires beauty and peace, A place where love flows as free as the calm waters of the ocean, and harmonious music carries through the cool wind breeze….   SomewhereContinue reading “Poetry: “Recalling Home””

Poetry: Finding My Way

FINDING MY WAY For now, I shall languish among the floating pale clouds, as my creative spark wanders, finding its way through the feeble dark…   A line is on hold waiting for its eternal story to be told… My faint beating heart is at rest… whispering, yet silent, as it waits to attest…  Continue reading “Poetry: Finding My Way”

Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?

What if Life were a Metaphor? ———————————————– Take a moment, unwind your busy thoughtful mind… Unfurl the concepts, the now…and what is.. My friend, I ask you this… What if life, were merely, a metaphor? That vast life, and never-ending beauty all around was purely out of reach… That somehow, this was just another entrance,Continue reading “Poetry: What if Life Were a Metaphor?”

Getting literally lost in my own thoughts

RAINY DAYS MAKE MY MIND WANDER…..FAR. I am not one who takes life lightly, nor do I fuss over the normal every day things…If a person were to ask me what I was thinking about…they might be sorry they asked . I am constantly contemplating life, the universe, our reason for being and the conundrumContinue reading “Getting literally lost in my own thoughts”