Perfection and You- A Poem

PERFECTION ….and You- A poem ————————————————————- p…e..r…f..e..c..t..i..o..n We may seek perfection… But, we too, falter… Perfection is unattainable, No matter how hard we try… …What is perfection to you? …Why is it so important to you? …do you feel the need to impress? Or…have you spent your entire life trying to please- Because of thatContinue reading “Perfection and You- A Poem”

Stranger in the Mirror

Stranger in the Mirror In the mirror, an unknown world presents its reflection, As a stranger with familiar eyes, stares back… A place that was once identifiable, Now seemed unrecognizable, As a fog covered the dusty glass… What always showed beyond the reflection Wasn’t always the reality, That the mind foretold… The stranger with familiarContinue reading “Stranger in the Mirror”