Spoken Poetry Reading: Visitor of the Night

Sometimes, poetry can tell stories, like this piece. And sometimes…they can be a bit scary, or perhaps…mysterious. Get ready for a short thrill from my narrative poem that I wrote titled, “Visitor of the Night.” Follow along with the poem below as you listen… https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Story-Telling-Spoken-Poetry-Visitor-of-the-Night-e4671f Visitor of the Night Within hours after midnight, a storm arose from theContinue reading “Spoken Poetry Reading: Visitor of the Night”

Spoken Poetry Podcast Episode: Bring Back the Night

Listen to the episode/spoken word poem at: https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Bring-Back-the-Night-e4168h **************************** “There’s a lonely place that many do not visit… Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged…” Listen to poet,  Ariana R Cherry recite her poem, “Bring Back the Night.” You can also read the poem at:   https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/darkhorror-poetrybring-back-the-night/ YouTube Video:Continue reading “Spoken Poetry Podcast Episode: Bring Back the Night”

Dark Poetry: “Uninvited”

Uninvited   Something mysterious… almost haunting lingers within…   Heavy atmosphere, and unknown energies dance around her soul’s outer-edges…   A force, tugs at her aching heart through each sunrise and follows after the late afternoon sunset, and then again, as the moon rises to the night sky to join the band of astrological constellationsContinue reading “Dark Poetry: “Uninvited””

Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams   Night after night, as my head hits the evening pillow, I wish the moon adieu and close my tired eyes tight…   I await to blissfully nod off into a cosmic starlit darkness, but mixed psychedelic memories play scene after scene throughout my mind… As my conscious battles with myContinue reading “Poetry: Battle of My Dreams”

Poetry: Charade

Charade *************************************** Crouching in a corner down a hidden alley, hoping that it doesn’t find me again… the darkness has been creeping, trying to sneak in… I’ve flipped on a light, hoping it would mask its cold depth, but in the silence of the echoes, it held up its hand, trying to start a horridContinue reading “Poetry: Charade”

Poetry: The Whispers

  In my ear, you whisper that you are near, Your silence doesn’t prevail long… In the moments, when my lights are beaming, You whisper through the cool air, proving thee wrong. Thy journey through the murky fog, is not done… Some days, your haunting whispers are louder than my joyful song. I fight toContinue reading “Poetry: The Whispers”

Poetry: “Journey On”

JOURNEY ON *************************** …step…step….step, into the cool air that surrounds me above the dim stars… Breathe… Breathe into the silent air above the dark sky at midnight… Stare…blink….stand… Still. So still. Gather my scattered thoughts… Invisible thoughts that come alive in my so-active non-silent mind. Look up , so high….into the never-ending sky… wishing for…Continue reading “Poetry: “Journey On””

Night Moves Radio with Brian K Morris & Ron Fitzgerald.

Thursday evening, August 24 @ 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, we tuned in with the talented and witty author, Brian K Morris and in the second half, our friend and Gothic Illusionist, Ron Fitzgerald! Brian gave advice for writing, inspiration and attending conventions…. and also promoted their comic book series, Bachelor’s Grove along with Ron Fitzgerald… ItContinue reading “Night Moves Radio with Brian K Morris & Ron Fitzgerald.”

Night Moves Radio: Meet the maker of instruments & creator of words and music. (aired 8/17/17)

If you missed this past Thursday night’s episode, you can listen to the recording. We spoke to Bruce Goble, (A.K.A.: Armand Tesla). Listen in to hear how he became so creative- making everything from homemade instruments, piano music and poetry. Bruce Goble is a multi-talented and inspirational fella! //percolate.blogtalkradio.com/offsiteplayer?hostId=1084443&episodeId=10205617 CHECK OUT OUR BEHIND THE SCENESContinue reading “Night Moves Radio: Meet the maker of instruments & creator of words and music. (aired 8/17/17)”

Night Moves Radio – Episode 1 with musician & author, Howie Bentley

Our first episode of Night Moves Radio aired Thursday evening at 8pm Central. While it was a good show, we did have a few technical glitches – as we all know – the first time with things seems to never be perfect . It makes for good learning though….If you missed it live, you canContinue reading “Night Moves Radio – Episode 1 with musician & author, Howie Bentley”