Poetry: Finding My Way

FINDING MY WAY For now, I shall languish among the floating pale clouds, as my creative spark wanders, finding its way through the feeble dark…   A line is on hold waiting for its eternal story to be told… My faint beating heart is at rest… whispering, yet silent, as it waits to attest…  Continue reading “Poetry: Finding My Way”

Dark Poetry: Time Trip After Midnight

Time Trip After Midnight After the midnight bell has tolled and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds, I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts. Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled with just enough light to spark a faint star. Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion that I can not chase away… The questionsContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Time Trip After Midnight”

Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness

BITS OF MADNESS Blinding periodical bits of madness that dances upon an estranged soul… A blackness that permeated a once bright light into a dull dark cloud, Covering a wild hidden forest with its own personal death shroud. Echoes of solemn wolf howls flow through the deep woods, releasing an invisible pain… A song ofContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Bits of Madness”

Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!

”  If you’ve ever wondered what the darkness looks like, this is it….”   – Realistic Poetry International (Click here to purchase on Amazon!)     I was honored to receive a 5-star rating from Realistic Poetry International on my horror poetry  collection, Twisted Paths Poetry. The review can be found below: ____________________ The BlacknessContinue reading “Books: Twisted Paths Poetry – receives 5 star Rating!”

Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night

Bring Back the Night ————————– There’s a lonely place that many do not visit Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged… The rage is overheated and fear has overgrown but those who are lonely, no longer feel undefeated. Many don’t come here often- as it’s often overlooked. TheContinue reading “Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night”