Inspirational Poetry: Moving On

MOVING ON Down a path of an ever-changing life, I look behind me… Experiencing all the events that once were and the scenes that still are yet to be. My heart beats emotionally to the tune of nature’s music, walking down through the rocky path of where I have yet to go. The wise oldContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Moving On”

Inspirational Poetry: My Path

My Path “While I may appear to be falling apart, I am only stumbling over the rocks On the journey in which the Lord has Brought forth to me. They are lessons in the sand in which he has brought me to learn. His love will lead me And faith will break me free. IContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: My Path”

Poem: Light in the Woods

  The light in the Woods A light flickered into the woods As I made my way Through the trees, Looking to get lost. An unknown rocky path, I had trod , following the radiant glow Of the flickering light. A beacon of hope, An escape from the darkness, That once blanketed the forest. AContinue reading “Poem: Light in the Woods”