Original Spoken Word Poetry |Perfection and You | A Poetry Reading

. I feel like so many people need to hear it, as sometimes, we can get hung up on trying to be perfect, when in fact – it is impossible to reach perfection- we should be happy just being who we are – we are perfect just the way we were made.

Spoken Poetry Podcast: Perfection and You

I have been busy recording audio for many of my poems. Another one that I recently recorded is titled, “Perfection and You.” Click below to listen to my mini podcast and audio recording of this poem. You can also read and follow along by checking out the poem as well. Thank you for listening! ListenContinue reading “Spoken Poetry Podcast: Perfection and You”

Perfection and You- A Poem

PERFECTION ….and You- A poem ————————————————————- p…e..r…f..e..c..t..i..o..n We may seek perfection… But, we too, falter… Perfection is unattainable, No matter how hard we try… …What is perfection to you? …Why is it so important to you? …do you feel the need to impress? Or…have you spent your entire life trying to please- Because of thatContinue reading “Perfection and You- A Poem”