Ariana Cherry is one of the new artists at the Tuscola Vault Art Gallery

Most recently, you might have seen some of Ariana’s works of art at two local art festivals – the First Annual Arthur-Area Spring Art Festival, the Mattoon Artworks Festival or even online via social media or eBay where she regularly sells many of her prints. At the beginning of May, her art began to appearContinue reading “Ariana Cherry is one of the new artists at the Tuscola Vault Art Gallery”

First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)

We had our first “real” snowfall for the year. There was a small amount of snow that fell one day in December, but not really enough to make it count. It was more of a “dusting.” But last night and early this morning, we actually had snow that stuck to the ground, and it wasContinue reading “First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)”

Photo art and releasing emotions…

“Reminiscing of how things were before everything changed. Hoping that some aspects of our lives are better after this is all over. Living each day, as safely as I can to survive, so that I can see the light at the end of the darkness.”  – Ariana R Cherry (Just mixing some of my photographyContinue reading “Photo art and releasing emotions…”

Photography: Fantasy World of Trees

  I had some fun the other day in our local park photographing trees. Once I was finished, I took the color from the photos and added purples and blues – creating an entirely new tree that could be inside a fantasy world in a story book…. It is nice to know, we can takeContinue reading “Photography: Fantasy World of Trees”

Books & Photography for sale in Ariana’s Author Shop

  Ariana has created a small online shop featuring her current published books and postcards with her photography. You can purchase postcards for $2.00 each. Her books are priced anywhere from $6-$10. If you are interested in purchasing a book from her, visit her shop at:

Photography: Country sunset skies

Had the Monday off after Christmas and got a chance to see some beautiful skies after a trip from a bookstore and record store…. Central Illinois really has some beautiful sunset skies in the country from time to time… There are just some instances where you need to pull over and take a photo –Continue reading “Photography: Country sunset skies”

Photography: Paintings in the Sky

There were beautiful skies on the way to my piano lessons and  seeing Star Wars: Rogue One Tuesday evening. These were taken along the interstate on the way to Mattoon in the car – the colors were just amazing. It’s scenes like these that I see in the sky – that makes me wonder howContinue reading “Photography: Paintings in the Sky”