Summer Skies in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015

Jiust sharing some random photos of the skies overhead in the small country town of Arthur, Illinois… It is always worth looking up overhead – you never know what you might miss… *************************************************************** Evening summer sunset in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015 Country fields in Arthur, Illinois 2015 FULL MOON : SUMMER 2015 STARING OUT ANOTHERContinue reading “Summer Skies in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015”

Photography: Nighttime in Arthur, Illinois: Painting in color

Photos taken in the late evening in Arthur, Illinois. Edited and made them into black and white, then added in some color. This is one of my first attempts at playing with this… Remember to check out my new Facebook page with Cloud Photography:

Photography: Prints and Photo Gifts

We all need a little extra cash sometime, and that is something I am always in need of to pay bills or to save money up to get special things for my daughter, family, friends or to put towards my growing hobbies…. So I ‘ve decided to start selling some prints or gifts on eBay.Continue reading “Photography: Prints and Photo Gifts”

Photography: Train and Clouds Photograph outside of Sullivan, Illinois

A photo of a train outside of Sullivan, Illinois that I took outside my bus window about a week ago or so… It was trying to brew up a storm that day… We got plenty of clouds, but it was all a big front just going through.

Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois

My Amish Buggy Photo Gift….  A potholder. This is an original Amish buggy in Arthur, Illninois- the heart of Amishland. $20.00 Pot holders can fancy up your favorite dishes and also make a great housewarming gift! These pot holders are thick and durable to protect you and your furniture from hot or cold items. AddContinue reading “Amish buggy in Arthur, Illinois”

Nature Photography “A Tree Among the Clouds”

A beautiful photo taken in Arthur, Illinois. It is amazing to see how the sunshine lights up the sky and sheds its “spotlight” almost down on the tree. ****************************************************            This photo is also available for sale as a print: $8.99 for 8 x 10. Ask me about other sizes too.Continue reading “Nature Photography “A Tree Among the Clouds””