Photos of Late Fourth of July fireworks in central Illinois

As we all know, in 2020, many things were canceled because of the COVID19 pandemic. And then this year, the town where I live in Illinois, tried to schedule fireworks two different times the weekend before the 4th of July – but the weather interfered and they were canceled once again. Because the town whereContinue reading “Photos of Late Fourth of July fireworks in central Illinois”

First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)

We had our first “real” snowfall for the year. There was a small amount of snow that fell one day in December, but not really enough to make it count. It was more of a “dusting.” But last night and early this morning, we actually had snow that stuck to the ground, and it wasContinue reading “First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)”

The New Normal with COVID 19: One week Shelter in Place in Photos: Arthur, IL

On a Friday and Saturday, I walked around our tourist town to take some photos to show how empty it was after one week of “Shelter in Place.” Normally on a Friday night, our 133 highway is busy with families heading to dinner, an event at the school, or just out and about. Even thoughContinue reading “The New Normal with COVID 19: One week Shelter in Place in Photos: Arthur, IL”

#Photography:Beautiful Sunrise in Illinois

These were taken early morning around 5:30-6am in Illinois. The first two are near Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital and the last one is along the interstate heading toward Arcola, IL.  -Like my photography page on Facebook at: – and I now have an art page on Facebook too:

Pumpkin house in Arthur, Illinois

For a little while now, Arthur lights up the “Arthur Pumpkin House” every year. The children at the school and members of the community have a chance to carve their own pumpkin to put on display at the pumpkin house. People love to drive by and take photos or step out of their cars toContinue reading “Pumpkin house in Arthur, Illinois”