I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.”

  Along with writing poetry, I have begun learning to write my own music. A couple years ago, I started taking piano lessons, and once I began learning the notes and how to play some chords, I really wanted to write my own music… “You Are Near,” is the first song that I have writtenContinue reading “I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.””

Poetry: The Piano Magic

The Piano Magic ************************************* Hidden in the backstreets within the fog of downtown New York, sat the remains of an old abandoned theater. Whispers and laughs of the yesteryear hung heavy in the air. A lonely darkness with remnants of a forgotten energy danced throughout the atmosphere. Towards the front of the ole’ performance room,Continue reading “Poetry: The Piano Magic”

Fur Elise Mix on Keyboard: by Ariana R. Cherry

I’ve  been taking piano lessons for a little while – it is something I have always wanted to do… And I learned how to play “Fur Elise.” This is a mix between steady tempo and a bit of jazzy added to it… Keep in mind – I am a beginner… Enjoy!