Poetry Video: “Forgetting that I am Human”

I created a video from my original written poem, “Forgetting that I am Human,” which can be found in my book of poems, “The Road Map of Our Soul.” Feel free to watch and listen below. The video is hosted on Youtube. You can see (and perhaps buy) the book that has the poem inContinue reading “Poetry Video: “Forgetting that I am Human””

Experimenting with types of poetry/writing styles: A LIMERICK

With some extra time at home on my hands this year, I’ve been taking some time to experiment with different types of poems. One type that I tried out was writing a limerick. I found this to be fun, yet a little challenging with the rhyming. I wrote one titled, ” A Hipster and HisContinue reading “Experimenting with types of poetry/writing styles: A LIMERICK”

Original Autumn Poetry

I was in Barnes and Nobles bookstore a couple weeks ago and found a neat little book called, “Instant Poetry.” The book is great for “poetry starters,” and for inspiration too. There were a few lines of some “poetry starters” that helped inspire this poem. And not only that, the streets that are lined withContinue reading “Original Autumn Poetry”

Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.”

Poet, Ariana R Cherry does a poetry reading of her poem, “The Piano Magic.” It was inspired by how she feels when she sees old buildings and the love of piano which she has. It is a bit of a performance poetry reading. Hopefully you will feel the “magic” come alive as she reads, “TheContinue reading “Performance Poetry Reading: “The Piano Magic.””

Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?

A preview of the poem, “May I Have This Dance?” is below. I hope you enjoy this performance poetry reading from my podcast, Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. ************************** May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been a while sinceContinue reading “Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?”

Spoken Word Poetry Video… Everyone has something to lose

A spoken word poem and video which I wrote and created that depicts today’s chaos in our society and the disagreement that is between so many people… “We all come from different walks of life, full of personal stories.” “Everyone has something to lose, something to gain. Not one of us are the same.” MayContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video… Everyone has something to lose”

Spoken Word Poetry: Poe is Out

For the longest time,she hid within the darkestpart of the secret woods,awaiting to makeher big appearance. Years ago, she escaped there,to get away from thenoisy obscurities of the world.Too much realityhad poisoned her sacred innocent soul….  (Click below to listen to “Poe is Out”) Listen to other episodes of my podcast by clicking below:

Spoken Word Poetry: We’re at War (with COVID19)

I recently wrote another poem about COVID19 and our war with it and recorded it on my “SPOKEN WORD POETRY PODCAST” show… click on the link to tune in and listen. I also give a bit of an update about my time during “Shelter in Place.” https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Were-at-War-ecnvrs?fbclid=IwAR2REQrkyxrqhyGhgS2CBH2IzNFEJRyCRr-pYT4YaGZZMgxJm5bBTsp5z4w