News: 3 of my poems to be published in an upcoming anthology

Three of my poems were chosen to be published in an upcoming anthology: Poetic Shadows: Ink and the Sword from CTU (Creative Talents Unleashed) Publishing.   The poems chosen were:   Fallen and Risen Warrior:   The Lonely Lady in the Red Hooded Cape: The Lady at the Round Rustic Table WhenContinue reading “News: 3 of my poems to be published in an upcoming anthology”


  FALLEN In desperation, they will fall victim to the darkness when the light blinds them. Through the dark, the lost will reach out for a hand, Only to be pushed back farther… The darkness begins to taunt them But captures their curiosity all the same. The fallen may not agree with all the lightContinue reading “DARK POETRY: THE FALLEN”

Poetry: Hazy Smoke

Hazy Smoke ————————————- Dreaming away in a hazy smoke, dancing under a cresent moon, I remember all that I was, all that I have been… and all there is to become. In a foggy mess of timeless memories that spin within an eternal wheel of life, The dance keeps on, and I glance into theContinue reading “Poetry: Hazy Smoke”

Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams

She Silently Screams Through the fire and flames, she foresaw the images of yesterday, the fears and the terrors that brought her nighttime dreams. Those things that haunted her mind, that made her silently scream. An uncharted past, that so diligently took up space in her head, that carried disturbing thoughts when she went toContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Silently Screams”

Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love

Still is the air In a world gone black. Peace knows no glory And all hope was released into a red cresent moon, When humanity traded their souls, For an unknown deadly cost. The remaining few gasp for air In a failing world Of lost spirit, And confused identities… They refused to turn in theirContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Where’s the Love”

Poem: Beyond the Universe

Beyond the Universe Beyond the vast universe, amongst the farthest plane where the stars burn on fire shining the brightest lights that are eyes could ever imagine, is another world, another place, Where realities tell a different tale- another perspective that our minds could perhaps not even fathom. Another open door that lead to aContinue reading “Poem: Beyond the Universe”

Short Humorous Poetry: “Thou Hateth Mondays”

Thou Hateth Mondays Monday…is creeping upon us… Creeping upon us… … It’s hard to leave the weekend, it takes all of my energy, but I must arise… I must… How thou hateth Mondays… After every great weekend, everybody pays… With the sound of a sad forsaken alarm. Oh how Mondays, you come too fast… WhyContinue reading “Short Humorous Poetry: “Thou Hateth Mondays””

Poem: Prisoner to Pain

Prisoner to Pain The deep pull from within her soul, the feelings that got buried and locked away… Kept them from surfacing, so they couldn’t see the growing pain behind the glow in her loving eyes. The smile on her soft face, the ring in her joyful laughs, She hid every dark memory, to showContinue reading “Poem: Prisoner to Pain”

Author’s Rage: Beware of the Horror Writer

  One must be aware and carefulwhen battling the horror of writer’s rage.The power and intensity of it all,is not something that can be contained in a cage. Pens flair with an evil reflecting glare,and the paper burns up with hot ink.Those thoughts can be more dangerous than you think! The madness of horror,even theContinue reading “Author’s Rage: Beware of the Horror Writer”