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Along with writing poetry, I have begun learning to write my own music. A couple years ago, I started taking piano lessons, and once I began learning the notes and how to play some chords, I really wanted to write my own music…

“You Are Near,” is the first song that I have written the lyrics to and composed the music. I’ve always wanted to write my own songs. Below is a link to my inspirational song, “You Are Near.” I also created the video to go with it… I’d be interested in hearing your comments.




A Soul’s Fight for Innocence

Looking backwards in passing time,
Beyond a few decades or so…
Perhaps, a child’s lifetime ago…
A bright-eyed soul, innocent and carefree,
Walked among the Earth’s lands,
Unknown to the troubles of a world,
That could be….

A soul with big dreams…
A soul with overflowing hope…
And a soul with love bigger than
Her heart knew what to do with…

…a future with endless possibilities…
Unknown, to a possible evil…
That could disintegrate every
Fairy-tale she had ever known…

…Once upon a late twilight day,
This innocent soul, traveled through
a rolling green valley heading towards a brave stroll in uncharted woods…
She dreamed of adventure…and the possibilities that await…

…Within her travels, a young lad approached,
Causing this soul to pause, and take thought,
While she listened to the tales he spoke…

Entranced she stood, hypnotized by every word…
The lad, pleased, when this soul took his hand,
Carrying her astray….
…such innocence, she wasn’t wise to the games,
That he would play…

For this turn in the curve,
Took the young soul, away from
Her adventure in the woods…

Without as much as a warning,
The curves became rough trenches
Traveling downward into unknown lands…

Day became dark,
As the lad buried her away…
An innocence turned dim,
And a curiosity turned grim.
Bright-eyes turned black…
…People from her lands
Wondered if they’d ever hear back,
But the lad buried her well…
…mute and bound,
With no stories to tell…

…Passing years were cursed…
Innocence taken…
The once bright soul had
Never felt so mistaken…

Her fingernails dug at the soiled stark ground
For which she had found herself bound…
…a mouth dry and mute,
She whimpered for a lost hope,
Pulling her weak arms up, in desperate faith…
…the lad had lead her close to her grave.

Finally, her blind eyes opening from a horrible spell,
She quit looking for a future in that penniless wishing well…
…for that innocent soul was buried and hid for so long…
Bound and mute, her voice had not been heard…

This soul escaped the claim of the lad,
Retrieving back, that faith and hope she once had…

While her adventures through those uncharted woods
Had been put on pause with his devious games,
She now rose from the cold ground,
Grasping for the warm light that
Had unbound,
Love embracing her…
Giving back the innocence, she had finally found.

– Ariana R Cherry 2018



Foreign Inhabitants

…she runs her jagged fingernails down the length of the bare white wall,
Leaving a trail of chipped paint behind….
Carefully, she tries to stifle the scream
that attempts to escape her dry parched lips.

A tear dances down her damp rosy cheek,
As once again, her tired mind attempts a superwoman pep talk,
Gathering strength through gritted teeth…

Mobile parts have become rusted and creaky,
Her legs and feet, held down by invisible concrete,
And her arms, dangle painfully as if an
Unseen force is playing tug-of-war…

…feeling like an addict,
a few hours of relief and a bit of hope
is found in potions of creams, lotions and oils…
…She returns for conversation to these bottles
For an attempted miracle light multiple times
throughout the day while they
Bring her back to life for just a bit…

In such a short time, her body has rebelled
And began an unexpected war…
An unforeseen lifetime battle
Trying to drag her down to her now pained knees…

…Quick jolts of pain play peek- a-boo,
And lazy aches take thoughtful strolls
Throughout the mass body transit of muscles, bones and joints…
They’ve all become foreign inhabitants…

Meanwhile, she puts on her appropriate smile,
And brightens her dark eyes,
Hiding the shadow of the atrocious war,
battling inside…

For if she would scream out with
The pain that blazed within her shaky core,
It would deafen the world….

-Ariana R Cherry 2018

I have started a new podcast series called, “Soul Stories.” Soul Stories airs on the Cloverleaf Radio Network. We interview poets and speak with them about their writing. Then they also read their poetry. So far there has been three episodes. Episodes air on Anchor, iTunes and Spotify…. I will also be posting them here. I hope you enjoy them!  If you would ever like to be on “Soul Stories” and read your poetry, I’d love to have you! You can contact me at

Soul Stories with Poet Linda Crate–> Click here to listen to Soul Stories Episode 1

In this episode, host & author, Ariana R Cherry, will speak with poet, Linda Crate. She is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. Her poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. Linda has five published chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press – June 2013), Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon – January 2014), If Tomorrow Never Comes (Scars Publications, August 2016), My Wings Were Made to Fly (September 2017, Flutter Press), and Splintered With Terror (Scars Publications, January 2018).–Poetry-with-Linda-Crate–Episode-1-e21ljr

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Forgetting That I Am Human
The cool beckoning wind brushes against my face
As it curtsies a hello, whispering in my ear…
…Inside my soul dances
As it leaps, trying to fly…
Forgetting that I am yet,
Just a human, with my feet firmly grounded to this dusty earth…
…High above, the welcoming sunlight warms my heart
Sending love, radiating energetic waves
throughout my anxious spirit.
So much, I wish to rise above,
to blow a kiss to the one who wakes me
With its loving light each early morn’
But then yet again, my feet, are firmly planted to the ground
Upon this dusty earth.
I am only human…
But yet, inside, I am a soul of hope, love
…and a ray of everlasting light,
Yearning for beyond an otherworldly place that
Neither human eyes nor the human heart can comprehend…
But yet, each day, such a soul as mine feels torn….
Between the beauty of this dusty ole’ earth
that catches my eyes and heart…
And the yearning, for somewhere beyond
….something heavenly…
That only those that have gone before us can explain….
For their anticipating stories await us….
But for now… I am only human…with my feet,
firmly planted…to the ground.
– Ariana R Cherry




Imprisoned in My Mind

Behind the fiery sparks,
That light my intertwined thoughts,
I’m held,
Imprisoned in my mind.

An entire other world,
That faces off with the reality
That I see in front of my innocent eyes.

…Imprisoned in my mind,
I confront the every-day tasks at hand…
Fighting off a reality, that
I only wish to escape from time to time…

Behind a glass of imagination,
In other colorful worlds that only I create,
With safe places to escape,
Imprisoned in my mind.

I fight for a world of peace.
I fight for a world not at war.
I fight for a world with harmony.
I fight for a world of equality….
I fight for a world filled with love…
But for now,
I stand here, gripping these safe bars,
In a world, in which I have built with hope and possible dreams
As the tears fall, glistening in the moonlight,
I wait for change,

Until then, I stay…
Imprisoned, in my mind.


Ariana R Cherry

From the upcoming collection:

Copy of Kindle Cover – Untitled Design



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