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A River Gone Dry

A crumbling river of red and broken stones found itself
flowing through the cracks of an aching heart…
A hurting soul of human pain that painted
itself upon a heavy chest..…

Bits of escaping light attempted to sparkle through the
brick wall that seemed to suddenly cement itself,
creating a barren locked door.

Heavy was the soul,
although light attempted to fiercely travel
through the deepening cracks of its aching heart…

A sullen desert resided within her innocent eyes,
pools and rivers, gone dry,
with no tear, yet to cry…

How many years, weeks and days had gone by,
without a drop falling from heavy dry eyes?

….Heavy chest…
and hurting soul,
a heart begging for mercy called upon faith
to break down its doors,
so that a river could flow through the desert once more…

– Ariana R. Cherry 2018



All in a minute

within a tenth of a second,
we breathe the breath of life. 
Inhale the gift of air…
…and sigh…

In a brief moment,
we blink…
set focus to see…
To see…our life
in all of the wondrous amazement that it is…

In contemplation..
for seconds,
we may stare into the oblivion
trying to rationalize this state of living…

And all in between, our heart beats its life rhythm…
Allowing us to know…and feel that we are alive.

We are here…
In this fleeting moment.
This passing moment of living.

Within that precious, often under-analyzed
or perhaps even unintentionally under-appreciated moment…

an imprisoned tear escapes from our eye…
A much needed laugh is bellowed from the pit of our stomachs and out our mouths…
and a warm uplifting love is radiated
from our open awaiting hearts.

Our eternal souls are
flowing pools of unexpected human emotions.
We are alive…

All in a minute…

All in a minute,
it all can change…
so unexpectedly…

Appreciate the moment..
Live through the minute…


(Ariana R. Cherry 2018)


I have been wanting to start my own small publishing press for quite some time – although, I knew that I needed to gain some experience creating and publishing my own books first. I’ve been self-publishing since about 2004. I released my first book, “The Real Me-Xtended” in 2004… It definitely was quite simple and basic, but it felt awesome to put my first collection of poems into the world. I had submitted my writing to other publishing houses and got a few “no’s”…but a few of my poems had been published into anthologies… I still wanted my own collection though. As the years have progressed, the Internet has made it possible for authors to self publish and become independent authors… Two publishing houses that I am particularly familiar with are and Amazon.

Fast forward some years later, I have published 7 of my own books and have helped a couple good friends publish their books as well… What I want to do now, is help other beginning authors – those who are just getting their feet wet in the publishing business and are trying to wade through the waters…. I want to be the one who takes those people’s hands and help them swim…. Which is why I have created, “Cherry-House Press.”

I hope to use Cherry House Press to help both new and seasoned authors as well as putting anthologies together and collaborating with other authors… I already have a call for submissions… (Which will be my next blog post). We will be looking for poems and short stories about our personal fears… You can see more information about it at:

Feel free to stop by our page at Facebook and add a “like” to it:

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…The Journey
Our lives…
are delicate.
Our physical existence on this earthly plane,
is not forever,
but the heart of our souls lives on.
Objects and possessions are not to represent us,
Although, the love that we have been gifted,
can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.
Each moment…
every breath…
Is a moment to be cherished
So many mysteries are unknown within this exquisite universe…
There are fleeting questions that dance throughout the winds…
….with answers that whisper the wisdom of life and where it all begins…
…not one of us will go untouched, in this heartfelt journey…
We are all to meet again…
and the tie, that unites us all…
is the love that stems and blooms from our heart,
For while it is indeed intricate…
There is nothing that can tear love, apart.
For all of us, our time here is fleeting…
but we all have our faith, which keeps our hearts beating…
We are simply eternal souls… on this delicate life journey…
Waiting for the day to meet our maker, and be united once again.
Ariana R. Cherry 2018
Season Three
…another year, wrapped under the tree.
Tis’ the third season has come
and the traveling winds have whispered through
the winds of change…
I once was there,
in a fog of darkness and despair…
and now I stand here,
near the branches of the trees,
where the air has become pure and clear.
For how many glorious sunsets have I counted
since such time has passed,
and how many midnight moons have graced the skies,
shining through the clouds….
where time could feel as if it were standing still,
yet moving so fast…
I had stumbled through the nostalgia of seasons one
and then there were the rocky roads
which I traveled throughout a second.
A season where lessons were learned-
even on those strangulated nights
where a chaotic world had become undone..
and Now…tis, season three…
in some ways, the air feels a bit more free,
but even as another holiday sweeps in,
there are days,
that there just isn’t complete joy
in putting tinsel upon that tree…
For as time passes,
some say a journey should be simpler…
…why wallow and whimper?
I like to believe, through our life scenes,
we only grow wiser…
yes, time may heal such wounds,
but there are days, the memories hang low
and are able to be touched by the tip of
a finger…
But then, I step ahead forward and trudge through this familiar season,
and hang thy head above the murky fog…
I’ll take my horse and journey on
for thy third will not be timeless
and the following year shall tick-tock-
with the bells ringing strong.
And he then shall whisper through the wind…
“Hold your heart true…
Life is a journey,
…stay strong, and keep, moving on….”
Ariana R. Cherry 2017
Battle of My Dreams
Night after night,
as my head hits the evening pillow,
I wish the moon adieu
and close my tired eyes tight…
I await to blissfully nod off
into a cosmic starlit darkness,
but mixed psychedelic memories
play scene after scene throughout my mind…
As my conscious battles with my subconscious
trying to solve puzzling questions that it can’t seem to find the answers to.
My mind just cannot rest….
This life, has underwent so many trying tests…
And now, sleep deprived..
I can no longer escape to that cosmic peace
that I wanted to find.
I’ve tried counting the stars,
I’ve tried dreaming of glorious fields of heaven
and I’ve even tried to listen for the soft classic piano
that so lightly dances upon my ears
from another worldly dimension…
but the memories,
They are so distraught
The battle has stolen my peace
for which I so courageously fought.
Winter solstice
just isn’t the same,
as my mind plays this never-ending game
where sleep never wins…
For the winter once carried an innocent child-like flair
with cheerful holidays dancing in the air…
But there are nights, the darkness lies upon the clouds
burying them in a sullen death-shroud.
Time speeds up so fast,
but then there are those times,
where the ticking of the clock just seems to forever last…
and I wish
for the shine of the sun upon a brightly lit care-free summer day
But now, this dream-like state continues to stay.
Give me rest upon my cosmic star,
so I can float through that peaceful star-lit darkness….
and it carries me warmly through the light
upon sunrise…
Rescue me from the doom of looping REM sleep…
Give me peace
and deliver me
– Ariana R. Cherry 2017

p03xsw49 (1)


a place of wonderous daydream
beyond unlimited time and universal space
in a life hereafter…

We will sparkle with the dazzling stars
and dance with the brightest moonlight
to an infinity of everlasting love…

Will we know heaven we see it?

or shall it be beating in our eternal hearts
as a memory of home when we look into
his eyes once again?

– Ariana R Cherry 2017