Original Written Poetry: Time is Precious

Time is precious… We never know how much time is given to us. Take each second with each minute… And take each minute with each hour. Time can change everything in a heart-beat. For more poetry and to learn about other poets, check out the”news blog,” at Poetry Essentials Hub at http://www.poetryessentialshub.com

Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time

Time slithers through the seconds as it makes momentarily lapses through each minute, but ponders on the hour. Moments freeze as if to take a photo, capturing a memory before it races by. We are time… Time lives in us. Time controls our movements as we leap through life, Before we turn to dust… writtenContinue reading “Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time”

Poetry 101: How to Write a Poem

In my opinion, when it comes to the general poem, there are no rules in writing a poem. I think people try to put in too many rules, when it comes to learning, How to Write a Poem. An easy way to write a poem, is to simply use what you feel in your heartContinue reading “Poetry 101: How to Write a Poem”

Author Website Makeover

If some of you have been to this website lately, you might have noticed that I gave it a bit of a make-over. With a little bit of more extra time on my hands lately (staying home to hide from “Rona 2020”), I’ve been looking for ways to improve my online presence. One way toContinue reading “Author Website Makeover”

Share your poetry on Poetry Essentials Hub

Recently, I started a poetry website called, Poetry Essentials Hub (http://www.poetryessentialshub.com) . It is a place that showcases poetry videos, poetry podcasts, poetry news and even a way to publish your poetry. On the website, I am beginning to post poetry from other poets. If you are a poet who would like to share yourContinue reading “Share your poetry on Poetry Essentials Hub”

Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?

A preview of the poem, “May I Have This Dance?” is below. I hope you enjoy this performance poetry reading from my podcast, Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. ************************** May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been a while sinceContinue reading “Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?”

Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time

I was staring out the car window daydreaming about my old childhood hometown. I thought about the ole’ neighborhood and all of my senior-aged neighbors, The evenings I spent playing with all the kids on the block, while the neighbors watched. And how those times were simple… so simple, compared to the chaos today. WeContinue reading “Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time”

Original Written Poetry: If We Worked Together

If We All Worked Together I remember a time, when it was okay to give and receive hugs And now, within this new world, without that special touch, The emotions of my heart, it feels all of those desperate tugs. Every spectrum of this fight, the left, the right… They are all in this battle,Continue reading “Original Written Poetry: If We Worked Together”