What is the Christmas Spirit?

Here is a link to a video showing my Christmas Prose Poetry which I wrote and read in my church a week last Sunday. It was also published in the Arthur Graphic Clarion – the local community newspaper in my town. Sadly, I will not be present to read it at this year’s Christmas eveContinue reading “What is the Christmas Spirit?”

Author/Artist Goals & Plans for 2018

  2017 has gone by – and it was a pretty good year for the most part… But there are still projects that I would like to finish – and ideas that I would like to get started for 2018… I really would like to focus on hopefully getting more of my books noticed orContinue reading “Author/Artist Goals & Plans for 2018”

News: 3 of my poems to be published in an upcoming anthology

Three of my poems were chosen to be published in an upcoming anthology: Poetic Shadows: Ink and the Sword from CTU (Creative Talents Unleashed) Publishing.   The poems chosen were:   Fallen and Risen Warrior: https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/poem-fallen-and-risen-warrior/   The Lonely Lady in the Red Hooded Cape: https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/the-lonely-lady-in-the-red-hooded-cape/ The Lady at the Round Rustic Table https://arianarcherry.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/humorous-horror-poetry-the-lady-at-the-round-rustic-table/ WhenContinue reading “News: 3 of my poems to be published in an upcoming anthology”