Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night

Bring Back the Night ————————– There’s a lonely place that many do not visit Down in the depths where the moon is black and the stars are unplugged… The rage is overheated and fear has overgrown but those who are lonely, no longer feel undefeated. Many don’t come here often- as it’s often overlooked. TheContinue reading “Dark/Horror Poetry:Bring Back the Night”

Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)

    Rage Risen Sometimes,the pain is too much.Anger and hurt, turn into rage,as another type of evil,lurks from its unlocked cage… People allow pain to come in,and take them places they’ve never been.And then there’s regret,No turning back…It becomes difficult, to find a connectionthat you can never get…—————————-On a late night of storms andContinue reading “Rage Risen ( a narrative poem)”