Digital Painting: “Abstract Girl with Rose”

While I prefer good old fashioned pencil/pen and paper, sometimes I like to try to paint on my app, Art Rage on my tablet. I use a stylus and the virtual paints to try to create pieces of artwork. I like to call this one “Abstract Girl with Rose.” I do much better on paperContinue reading “Digital Painting: “Abstract Girl with Rose””

Artwork: Sharing recent digital artwork

  I am still having some fun with the Art Rage application. I did these two simple paintings on it. One is an abstract cross collage design and the other is just a simple rose with an abstract background…. If you are like me and love art, Art Rage is a lot of fun toContinue reading “Artwork: Sharing recent digital artwork”

Graphiter Art: Rose Sketch

I downloaded an ap on my Nextbook 2 in 1 laptop/tablet called “Graphiter.” I like to doodle and draw in my free time and I thought I would see what I could do with this. It is a little different drawing with a stylus. I may see about buying some drawing styluses… Below is aContinue reading “Graphiter Art: Rose Sketch”