Spoken Word Poetry: Silent Church

Click on the link below to listen to me recite  my poem, “Silent Church…”  https://anchor.fm/ariana-r-cherry/episodes/Spoken-Word-Poetry-Silent-Church–A-Poem-e9ciq4 “I stand alone in the middle of the empty aisle, waiting to hear a voice, for a gesture, or a healing touch… The air is cold in the dim-lighted sanctuary….  Where did everyone go?”    

Poem: Free us from the Arctic Blast

  FREE US FROM THE ARCTIC BLAST …Venturing out into the arctic tundra chill Where the bleak cold frozen air hangs so still… Winter snow boots crunch upon the hibernating ground, as the echoes of their journey are heard all around… Frozen in time, ice dances across the window sills, while my shivering hand runsContinue reading “Poem: Free us from the Arctic Blast”

Inspirational Poetry: Silent Church

SILENT CHURCH In the darkness of a dim-lighted sanctuary, A lightness hangs in the cool air… Memories of years past, those who once sat there, chattering in the pews. Or the uplifting singing voices that filled the Sunday air…. I stand alone in the middle of the empty aisle, waiting to hear a voice, forContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Silent Church”

The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)

When the silence Has become anything but golden, And the laughs forced, Listen beyond the sound… Somewhere in those giggles, A tear could be heard, falling to the ground… When someone has entered with their head staring at their feet, Go to them, with a smile and greet… Eye contact and a warm presence, CanContinue reading “The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)”