Dark Inspirational Poetry: His Choice

His Choice It stood on the corner of its high rock cliff, pearing down at an aching world below…. He saw a world of havoc, pain and confusion… Love was lost in between the waves of dense fog that hung heavy in the polluted air…. Standing on the corner, Watching, waiting, It folded his hands,Continue reading “Dark Inspirational Poetry: His Choice”

On Writing Horror: why?

…..Horror gets a bad vibe sometimes…. People ask – “Why do you write about horror?” “What got you involved in the “dark side?” ….  –First of all….”The dark side?” – All of us “involved,” aren’t necessarily evil. Nor, are we bad people. Many of us are kind loving individuals who just happen to be veryContinue reading “On Writing Horror: why?”

Dark Poetry: No Name

No Name I’ve been stripped of everything I used to know. Left naked, vulnerable and my skin, unsewn. On display for everyone to see, but through that window, it isn’t who I appear to be. They’ve taken my insides, and turned them outside in. My soul they tugged and tugged, but, it just wouldn’t give.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: No Name”