Poetry: Charade

Charade *************************************** Crouching in a corner down a hidden alley, hoping that it doesn’t find me again… the darkness has been creeping, trying to sneak in… I’ve flipped on a light, hoping it would mask its cold depth, but in the silence of the echoes, it held up its hand, trying to start a horridContinue reading “Poetry: Charade”

Photography: Paintings in the Sky

There were beautiful skies on the way to my piano lessons and  seeing Star Wars: Rogue One Tuesday evening. These were taken along the interstate on the way to Mattoon in the car – the colors were just amazing. It’s scenes like these that I see in the sky – that makes me wonder howContinue reading “Photography: Paintings in the Sky”

Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love

To You, Dearest Love __________________________ My deareset love, oh thou, my heart has ached for you a million years. Sitting under a bright kindred moonlight, my thoughts fall back to your tender touch. I lay here, counting every single twinkling star up in the clear night sky, bathing in amorous memories that I wear uponContinue reading “Dark Love Poetry: To You, Dearest Love”

#Photography:Beautiful Sunrise in Illinois

These were taken early morning around 5:30-6am in Illinois. The first two are near Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital and the last one is along the interstate heading toward Arcola, IL.  -Like my photography page on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/CloudofMind/ – and I now have an art page on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/OriginalArtbyAriana/

Sunsets are my Heaven

I adore taking photographs of Sunsets… No matter what your day may have been like, if a sunset is beautiful – It makes everything better…. It’s the best thing next to chocolate and coffee in my life 😉 Sunsets are peaceful and one example- that a higher power exists out there…A sunset..is not just science.