Beauty in Nature: Mountain-like clouds and glowing sun

I was out this evening and took some beautiful photos of the sky. I can never get enough of photographing the clouds and sun. It’s almost like you have a painting right in front of you- just remember to always look up- that painting can sometimes change within seconds… Follow my photography on Facebook ==>Continue reading “Beauty in Nature: Mountain-like clouds and glowing sun”

Summer Skies in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015

Jiust sharing some random photos of the skies overhead in the small country town of Arthur, Illinois… It is always worth looking up overhead – you never know what you might miss… *************************************************************** Evening summer sunset in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015 Country fields in Arthur, Illinois 2015 FULL MOON : SUMMER 2015 STARING OUT ANOTHERContinue reading “Summer Skies in Arthur, Illinois: August 2015”

Nature Photography “A Tree Among the Clouds”

A beautiful photo taken in Arthur, Illinois. It is amazing to see how the sunshine lights up the sky and sheds its “spotlight” almost down on the tree. ****************************************************            This photo is also available for sale as a print: $8.99 for 8 x 10. Ask me about other sizes too.Continue reading “Nature Photography “A Tree Among the Clouds””

Country Clouds in the morning, May 12, 2015

These beautiful early puffy clouds were taken outside the window of a bus on my way to work this morning. Beautiful country scenery and sky. Was much cooler today too-in the 50’s…Quite chilly for May! * I may start selling my photos soon. Let me know if any of you would be interested…

Cloud Photography: Changes within 15 minutes

I take a bus home from work on some days, and I sat out the window watching the clouds. For a small amount of time it looked like it could rain. It is quite amazing how the clouds can change so quickly in a short time. Below is how the clouds out my window changedContinue reading “Cloud Photography: Changes within 15 minutes”