Inspirational Poetry: Sing the Song

Sing the Song ********************** There’s a burning passion deep inside my soul, A part of my life that I’ve been fighting for… A power from within, Even through the difficult struggles, My soul’s song flowed through my veins… In fact, the passion beats so hard At my heart, that the desire I have… It hurts.Continue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Sing the Song”

I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.”

  Along with writing poetry, I have begun learning to write my own music. A couple years ago, I started taking piano lessons, and once I began learning the notes and how to play some chords, I really wanted to write my own music… “You Are Near,” is the first song that I have writtenContinue reading “I’ve written and composed a song titled, “You Are Near.””

Poem/Song: The Edge of Desire

The Edge of Desire I’m barely holding on grabbing onto the edge, I look down, try to hold on tight, a black pool muddles down below, covering me in sweat and fright. Im barely holding on, grabbing onto the edge. I’m looking for an escape, on the edge of desire. It’s been far too longContinue reading “Poem/Song: The Edge of Desire”