Spoken Word Poetry | Simply Stardust | Original music track | Poetry Read by the author

I am continuing to create my own track with my spoken word poems. This is another poem in which I created music for. As I create more, I hope to compile them into a poetry album soon. Once I have that completed, I will post about it here on my blog. I also hope toContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry | Simply Stardust | Original music track | Poetry Read by the author”

Original Spoken Word Poetry |Perfection and You | A Poetry Reading

. I feel like so many people need to hear it, as sometimes, we can get hung up on trying to be perfect, when in fact – it is impossible to reach perfection- we should be happy just being who we are – we are perfect just the way we were made.

Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas

This special Christmas poem is dedicated to anyone who may be missing someone at Christmas this year… PREVIEW “…This year, the air is a little different, even though the Christmas lights still shine just as bright The year has been tough, filled with struggles, and maybe, not even laughing as much. It is true, thatContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry: Missing You at Christmas”

Spoken Word Poetry Video: Shine A Light

Here lately, I have been trying to add more of my poetry to YouTube and create videos from it. The newest one that I have added to my Spoken Word Poetry Reading playlist is titled, “Shine A Light.” If you’ve like to stay updated to when I post a new video, be sure to subscribeContinue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video: Shine A Light”

Spoken Word Poetry Video: Poe is Out- an original poem

This is a new poetry video I created recently that features a poem I wrote awhile back in it… I tried to make it “atmospheric” with only text and background… It is about having a stories in you that you have been afraid to share for so long, and would only share “the good ones.”Continue reading “Spoken Word Poetry Video: Poe is Out- an original poem”

Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?

A preview of the poem, “May I Have This Dance?” is below. I hope you enjoy this performance poetry reading from my podcast, Spoken Word Poetry Podcast. ************************** May I have this dance? I stand here in the corner in some type of foggy trance. May I have this dance? It’s been a while sinceContinue reading “Listen to a Performance Poetry Reading: May I Have this Dance?”