Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments

  …”Learning to Adjust to Life’s “adjustments” *********************** Over the last two months and my recent “diagnosis” of Fibromyalgia from my doctor, I’ve had to learn to “adjust.”… ..My mind is always going… I have idea after idea – and I want to do all of these ideas. I am always in “create mode.” TheContinue reading “Learning to Adjust to Life’s Adjustments”

Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?

  As I closed a door on a hurtful past, I always would have one thing on my mind… What would God say in my situation? Did he believe that I was doing the right thing? As Christians, we are taught to love one another, be forgiving and help others trust,  learn and grow closerContinue reading “Life on Pause: Testing Your Faith: How Much is too much?”

Life on Pause: Still Standing

It’s been pretty much a year since my life took a drastic turn and everything I pretty much ever knew got a total overhaul. I know I have mentioned that already before, but this month, November, will make it a year… Sometimes, I feel like I could be just waking up again, and perhaps IContinue reading “Life on Pause: Still Standing”