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With a gentle laugh,

the man smiled at Nadia

as they found their way

down the long spiraling gold hall…

You don’t know recognize me,

do you my dear sweet, Nadia, do you?


Nadia blushed profusely…

She stared down at the sparkling moon shaped

precious stone and slowly shook her head no…


Sweet Nadia, you are so precious…

Do not be embarrassed, for everything is well…

Once your writer’s amnesia wears off,

there will be so much to tell,” the strange man replied.


After bit of a journey down what seemed to

be a never-ending hallway, the two entered

into a glorious yet peaceful bedroom..

fit for a queen of royalty…


A gold-trimmed canopy with draping silver cotton sheets,

cascading to the antique diamond tiled floor

sit in the center of the majestic room.


Splashes of colorful fluffy pillows scattered the bed

in a sea of blues, aquas and greens…


A chandelier of tinkling lights hang from the ceiling

In the corner, sit an oak writer’s desk with a large stack of spiral notebooks

and a pile of feathered quill writing pens….


Near a stained glass window with flowing transparent gold curtains,

stood an illuminated standing mirror…

Nadia went to stand in front of the mirror,

trying to remember who she was…

She traced the outline of her unfamiliar face in the mirror…


Again, the strange man came to stand next to her…

He patted her shoulder and lightly kissed her smooth skinned cheek…


Dear Nadia, do get some rest… I promise….you will remember…

She again, blushed from his ever so sincere sweetness…

He lead her to the bed to help her lay down,

then shut the door behind him as he walked out of the room…


Nadia stared above at the ceiling,

she now, comfortably rested in the queen-like gold-trimmed canopy…

Everything felt so surreal and dream-like…

Her eyes became so heavy as she found herself falling into a peaceful sleep…


Lightly in the background, whimsical music began to play,

as Nadia found herself dancing with the strange man,

She, dressed in an emerald green ballgown,

a glowing crown upon her head…

laughing with delight….


The strange man caressed her cheek,

kissing her sweetly upon her lips

running his strong hands through her hair…


Something began to feel so familiar…

So safe….


….The strange man began to lean in to whisper in her ear…

Nadia…my sweet story-teller, you shall always be the love of my life…




Nadia rose up in her bed…

Finally, she remembered the strange man…


The love of her life….and her muse…





You’re home.”

She stood up slowly in disbelief,

trying to separate herself from the magic of the beckoning bookshelves.


“We’ve been waiting for you,” the wise man in the colorful robe told her.

Confused, dumbfounded, Nadia stood, frozen.



So that was her name.

But how had she awoken in such a majestic place

filled with stories that could fill her heart for a lifetime?


“These are all yours…” the man said, waving his hand across the rainbow-colored spines.

But she couldn’t understand this unfamiliar predicament.

Unspoken beauty filled the walls with thousands of books from many lifetimes.

Each one reaching out,

speaking to her soul

that literally touched every part of her heart.



I don’t understand,” Nadia finally replied.


The wise man with long wiry hair as white as snow

and eyes as gentle as a kitten smiled warmly at her,

and softly rested his wrinkled hand upon her shoulder.

Nadia noticed a semi-precious stone resembling the shape of a moon upon his finger.


“Ahhh, amnesia again, sweet Nadia?

This happens every time we are blessed with your presence.

I am afraid your gift of story-telling gets you carried away.

Your natural talent,

Your magical gift…

Your sweet soul gets so attached to each divine story that you tell.

It’s only natural that you forget …”


“Come, Nadia, let’s reintroduce you again.

With time, your mind won’t feel so lost,

and then, we must get to work….”


As they begun to walk away from the shelves,

Nadia felt a painful tug in her heart,

it was like she was being ripped away from a small child,

each book, beckoning its story to her.


Nearby, a tall shimmering glass mirror hung from a tall large white pillar.

Nadia caught a glimpse of her reflection,

not recognizing the Greek goddess staring back at her

who was dressed in a cascading gold and white princess-style gown

and dark wavy brunette hair that danced down her mid-back.


Green emerald eyes stood out, shocked and confused.


Who was she?

Where was she?


And then, Nadia too, saw, that she was also wearing

the same semi-precious stone, in the shape, of a moon upon her finger.


Her heart ached for the stories in the other room,

Somehow they were a part of her soul,

and the words upon the pages, literally beat

in tune to her heart.


She longed to be a part of them,

and they longed to be with her.


Ariana R. Cherry  2016

So, my muse visited me tonight and delivered this to me. I am not sure where this is going, but I think it is somewhere good? I hope!…. Enjoy this first installment – of…whatever it is 🙂 



The New World

What seemed to be a slumber of one hundred years or more,
with dreams of darkness filled with lost stars, smoke and an unlit moon,

A young woman’s eyes began to open, awakening to a new world
that appeared unfamiliar to her behind this strange new door.
She squinted her newborn eyes,
which felt like she was seeing life for the first time.

Trying to stand on wobbly feet, she arose to find
she had sleepy bones that creeked and cracked.
They began to move with an unfamiliar jive,
making her feel one again, alive.

Her mind still foggy and lost within the deep star studded terrain,
she tried to remember a place that might have once been home –
or even something simple such as her name…
but all of those memories were lost in the dust,
buried away in a far away empty tomb.

For a moment, as she took in this sullen realization,
her eyes trailed to a wall decorated with what seemed
to be never-ending white shelves lined with a rainbow of spines
belonging to millions of hardback books that faded into an eternity.

With an urgent hand, she began to touch each book,
relishing in such a kindred moment.
Her soul danced with the stories and possibilities
of each tale,
The words whispered beckoning pitches,
Her heart aching over the choice for the chosen one.

….Lost in the moment,
surrounded by fairytales, romances, horror and adventure,
the young woman was bound in such a trance
from the murmurs of each page,
that she didn’t hear the echo of footsteps coming down from the skies of the unlit moon…

Or that she didn’t hear her name spoken by an unearthly presence

surrounded by gold and glimmer.

A god dressed in multi-colors of the brightest rainbow…
and eyes as deep as the bluest ocean
yet soft as the whitest snow.

He leaned over and gently tapped her on the shoulder
and whispered in her ear


(to be continued)

*Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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