THE NEW WORLD PART 3 With a gentle laugh, the man smiled at Nadia as they found their way down the long spiraling gold hall… “You don’t know recognize me, do you my dear sweet, Nadia, do you?”   Nadia blushed profusely… She stared down at the sparkling moon shaped precious stone and slowly shookContinue reading “THE NEW WORLD: part 3”

The New World: (part 2) Unfamiliarization

  “Nadia… You’re home.” She stood up slowly in disbelief, trying to separate herself from the magic of the beckoning bookshelves.   “We’ve been waiting for you,” the wise man in the colorful robe told her. Confused, dumbfounded, Nadia stood, frozen.   Nadia? So that was her name. But how had she awoken in suchContinue reading “The New World: (part 2) Unfamiliarization”

New epic poem? The New World (part 1)

So, my muse visited me tonight and delivered this to me. I am not sure where this is going, but I think it is somewhere good? I hope!…. Enjoy this first installment – of…whatever it is 🙂  _____________________ The New World What seemed to be a slumber of one hundred years or more, with dreamsContinue reading “New epic poem? The New World (part 1)”