Original Poem: Life…loading.

Life Loading I could be angry, If I sit and think about all the time That was taken away from me… A year of abundant solitude, Time stolen that I would have spent with family and friends, Holidays altered, Businesses shuttered. Jobs lost. Lives lost. So many people’s lives thrown into an upheaval, As weContinue reading “Original Poem: Life…loading.”

Original Written Poetry: Time is Precious

Time is precious… We never know how much time is given to us. Take each second with each minute… And take each minute with each hour. Time can change everything in a heart-beat. For more poetry and to learn about other poets, check out the”news blog,” at Poetry Essentials Hub at http://www.poetryessentialshub.com

Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time

Time slithers through the seconds as it makes momentarily lapses through each minute, but ponders on the hour. Moments freeze as if to take a photo, capturing a memory before it races by. We are time… Time lives in us. Time controls our movements as we leap through life, Before we turn to dust… writtenContinue reading “Inspirational Written Poetry: We are Time”

Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time

I was staring out the car window daydreaming about my old childhood hometown. I thought about the ole’ neighborhood and all of my senior-aged neighbors, The evenings I spent playing with all the kids on the block, while the neighbors watched. And how those times were simple… so simple, compared to the chaos today. WeContinue reading “Inspirational poetry: I Dream of a Simpler Time”

Read & Listen to Poetry: Creation of Insanity

Creation of Insanity Complete irrational hyper-mania can only lead a tortured soul to a delusion of incomprehensible horror. Imaginations deliver fictional stories to a confused mind, perfecting the art of lunacy. Once one crawls too far into the mind, and away from the soft lights of rationality, the soul can become quite incoherent. All timeContinue reading “Read & Listen to Poetry: Creation of Insanity”

Inspiration: Evolution

    “Time….is like a circle that keeps on revolving…Moving through every season, looping through all the weather that blows through our lives… Round and round it loops…never-ending – as each generation moves on…and our spirits, forever, living on through their hearts, as we whisper the wisdom in which we have carried through our lifetime…”Continue reading “Inspiration: Evolution”

Wondering Soul

Wondering Soul: —————————————- What is thy purpose for an earthly life that is not eternal? For how do we know how to seek our mission or know how much time we have…? For our time is unknown… Even though our minds do not have all the answers, our hearts are overflowing with passion… But ourContinue reading “Wondering Soul”

Poetry: Battle of My Dreams

Battle of My Dreams   Night after night, as my head hits the evening pillow, I wish the moon adieu and close my tired eyes tight…   I await to blissfully nod off into a cosmic starlit darkness, but mixed psychedelic memories play scene after scene throughout my mind… As my conscious battles with myContinue reading “Poetry: Battle of My Dreams”