Poetry: Shall I Speak?

  Shall I Speak? So many words run deep, Yet so little time… Do I spill them on the blank paper For all the blind world to see? For all a judging world to feel Through the clear looking Glass And see this unkempt reality? Or… Shall I let the percolating words simmer… Perhaps steep,Continue reading “Poetry: Shall I Speak?”

Poetry: An Eternity

An Eternity Inside an oblivion of a time trapped shell, the wind howls and bares its soul, to the sky that soaks up its confessions. Vibrations of the secrets light up the stars, as they twinkle the encrypted code of stories that are told from the souls who reign down below. I am the coldContinue reading “Poetry: An Eternity”

Dark Poetry: Time Trip After Midnight

Time Trip After Midnight After the midnight bell has tolled and the harvest moon danced behind dark clouds, I’ve become lost and entangled with cryptic thoughts. Down the rabbit hole I’ve spiraled with just enough light to spark a faint star. Mysterious thoughts evoke a ghastly passion that I can not chase away… The questionsContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Time Trip After Midnight”

Contemplating Life, Mind rantings

  “Thou-est …you do think too much…” …“If you spend too much time thinking about the future..or the end – then you never will have really lived…” -The first phrase – I could see someone saying aloud to me – I often hear it in my mind. The second phrase – was told to meContinue reading “Contemplating Life, Mind rantings”

Poetry: The Climb to Christmas

  THE CLIMB to Christmas Years have passed, and I’ve seen the holiday season in many forms. As a young child, I sensed the growing excitement, the anticipation and innocent hope. Sparkling Christmas lights were magical and the air felt…different- surreal.. Through time, my mentality aged. Years move forward like speeds of light. A darknessContinue reading “Poetry: The Climb to Christmas”