Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence”

  A Soul’s Fight for Innocence ————————————- Looking backwards in passing time, Beyond a few decades or so… Perhaps, a child’s lifetime ago… A bright-eyed soul, innocent and carefree, Walked among the Earth’s lands, Unknown to the troubles of a world, That could be…. A soul with big dreams… A soul with overflowing hope… AndContinue reading “Poetry : “A Soul’s Fight for Innocence””

How do you destroy the monster – without actually becoming one?

How do you destroy the monster without actually becoming one? How do you conqueror the darkness without actually becoming lost? How do you reach out for warmth when it burns to your touch, but your heart, craves it so much? Nobody said fighting the monster would be easy, but somehow, you fight, just so youContinue reading “How do you destroy the monster – without actually becoming one?”

Dark Poetry: Wintertide

Wintertide The mutterings of the wind wildy gust in, as nature bellows in agony and despair for their winter death… Wintertide is upon us… Intense frosty early morns, as the ice grows its frigid layers stealing warmth. Wintertide is upon us. Life seems stagnant as the greens of the lands become gray and the silenceContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Wintertide”