Where do you find inspiration for art?

I have been submerging myself back into my art again and trying to post it online in my Etsy shop and also building a website with my products as well. Building a website and putting your art for sale can be a bit exciting, yet a little scary, because you don’t know if it willContinue reading “Where do you find inspiration for art?”

Author Website Makeover

If some of you have been to this website lately, you might have noticed that I gave it a bit of a make-over. With a little bit of more extra time on my hands lately (staying home to hide from “Rona 2020”), I’ve been looking for ways to improve my online presence. One way toContinue reading “Author Website Makeover”

Featured on Realistic Poetry International

My writing and art was featured in an article written by Realistic Poetry International.     A STAR IN THE TWILIGHT…. Check out the article by clicking on the link below: http://www.realisticpoetry.com/poetry-blog/ariana-cherry-a-glowing-star-in-the-twilight