Dark Poetry: “Uninvited”

Uninvited   Something mysterious… almost haunting lingers within…   Heavy atmosphere, and unknown energies dance around her soul’s outer-edges…   A force, tugs at her aching heart through each sunrise and follows after the late afternoon sunset, and then again, as the moon rises to the night sky to join the band of astrological constellationsContinue reading “Dark Poetry: “Uninvited””

Dark Poetry: Words in the Wind

WORDS IN THE WIND Alone in the darkness, sometimes when she closed her innocent eyes, the heart-wrenching screaming would echo into the present …every detail vividly replaying in her mind. In the midst of a soft peace, …everything around her became so terribly loud, Although, the only one who heard the deafening noise, was she.Continue reading “Dark Poetry: Words in the Wind”

Horror Poetry: Visitor of the Night

Within hours after midnight, a storm arose from the cloudy skies. She sat up in her chair, awakened, unable to sleep to the howling winds that called out in her dreams. Curled up with a notebook in her lap, she journaled the events of her day, hoping to give her some peace to nod offContinue reading “Horror Poetry: Visitor of the Night”