First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)

We had our first “real” snowfall for the year. There was a small amount of snow that fell one day in December, but not really enough to make it count. It was more of a “dusting.” But last night and early this morning, we actually had snow that stuck to the ground, and it wasContinue reading “First Snowfall for 2021 (Photo Collage)”

Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude

  Winter Solitude ——————————- Alas, there was a barren crossroad, or perhaps crossfigured, in denial of where it shall meet. But then, there were the lonely trees – those too, barren. Its leaves stolen from an irate wind that left frigid ice in its place. Barren crossroads. Naked trees. Tis it all seemed too muchContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Winter Solitude”

Dark Poetry: Wintertide

Wintertide The mutterings of the wind wildy gust in, as nature bellows in agony and despair for their winter death… Wintertide is upon us… Intense frosty early morns, as the ice grows its frigid layers stealing warmth. Wintertide is upon us. Life seems stagnant as the greens of the lands become gray and the silenceContinue reading “Dark Poetry: Wintertide”