Changing of Seasons

Within the last year or two, I’ve been closely “monitoring” nature…. and its seasons – as well as the “seasons” within my life… But first, we’ll take a look at nature… Have you ever wandered down the sidewalks and streets… or through the parks – and felt the air…and really listened to it? You canContinue reading “Changing of Seasons”

Poetry: Foreshadowing in Life

FORESHADOWING IN LIFE? Foreshadow- A warning…or indication of a future event. Throughout our lives, events take place. We question their timing… The why’s… …and when… So many questions Lead to impossible conundrums and We look for clues. Were we warned? Did our divine father leave simple hints? Or were we blind to a truth thatContinue reading “Poetry: Foreshadowing in Life”

Poetry: ….”The Journey.”

…The Journey ******************   Our lives… are delicate.   Our physical existence on this earthly plane, is not forever, but the heart of our souls lives on.   Objects and possessions are not to represent us, Although, the love that we have been gifted, can certainly be multiplied by thousands of times.   Each moment…Continue reading “Poetry: ….”The Journey.””

Dark Poetry: She Holds the Keys

She Holds the Keys In the sparkling moonlight she did lay upon the damp bare ground gazing lazily at the dancing stars. Her beauty of innocence and peace reflecting upon thy night sky. Beyond such dazzling young eyes, was a genius mind filled with everlasting stories filled of yesteryear and wisdom of centuries… An oldContinue reading “Dark Poetry: She Holds the Keys”

Life on Pause: Inspirational Novel

For those of you who have been following my blog, “Life on Pause,” it now will be a book for  you to add to your collection. Life on Pause has been a theraputic blog that I have been posting in for over a year or so. It is  a collection of my thoughs at recentContinue reading “Life on Pause: Inspirational Novel”

Inspirational Poetry: Moving On

MOVING ON Down a path of an ever-changing life, I look behind me… Experiencing all the events that once were and the scenes that still are yet to be. My heart beats emotionally to the tune of nature’s music, walking down through the rocky path of where I have yet to go. The wise oldContinue reading “Inspirational Poetry: Moving On”