Poetry: I Saw You

  ….The poem below was inspired by a recent Bible study we are doing in church… It was talking about consequences, discipline and if we were ever given second chances or if you received the consequences of your actions… ….While I am not sure about receiving discipline …. I do remember a time or two,Continue reading “Poetry: I Saw You”

Perfection and You- A Poem

PERFECTION ….and You- A poem ————————————————————- p…e..r…f..e..c..t..i..o..n We may seek perfection… But, we too, falter… Perfection is unattainable, No matter how hard we try… …What is perfection to you? …Why is it so important to you? …do you feel the need to impress? Or…have you spent your entire life trying to please- Because of thatContinue reading “Perfection and You- A Poem”

Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall

I SAW YOU FALL I’ve seen the midnight darkness in your frigid eyes that once held a radiant sunshine day., I’ve heard the merriment in your affectionate gentle voice, only to hear it drown in dreadful resentment. For I only wish I knew what instilled itself in you, When you pulled my fractured heart fromContinue reading “Dark Poetry: I Saw You Fall”