Adagio Under a Crescent Moon: Video Poem

  Adagio under a Crescent Moon —————————– Touching the blazing spark of a burning flame, she would feel no pain in a world of complete havoc around her. In the darkness, she would unravel and scream into nothingness. Numb she once was. Sleepless she had been. After midnight when our world would become two, andContinue reading “Adagio Under a Crescent Moon: Video Poem”

Starting a YouTube Channel Featuring Poetry Videos & Photography Slideshows

I am creating a YouTube Channel. For anyone who is interested, I will be creating poetry videos featuring me reading my poetry mixed with background music and videography. I also will put together slideshows showcasing my photography and artwork. If you would like to see my work “come alive,” check out my youtube channel andContinue reading “Starting a YouTube Channel Featuring Poetry Videos & Photography Slideshows”