Demon’s Seduction

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Image source: Demon Seduction

The beckoning of cruel darkness
Sends hot electricity through my soul,
Magnifying my most sacred kept secrets.

The torches of intense flames burn
With my desires, as I become one
With the underworld…

The heat of sinful ecstasy
Wildly captures my spirit,
Screaming my name as it
Echoes into a starless night…

Cold, skinless hands
of a heartless demon
Attempt a raging seduction,
But flaming emotions
rise from my chest,
Melting his hands like
dripping candle wax…
His painful shouts thrill me,
excitement that burns my very core ….

I plead and beg,
for the intense thrilling  pain,
I want more…

Oh the soul- gripping rage…
The darkness has become
a part of me now…

I’ve fallen so deep,
My heart, a frozen tundra,
I’m not sure how
I ever got to this stage..

The pain and thrills intensify,
It hurts so good, that I cry…

I’m now one…
The transformation has begun…

So wicked, I embrace the wrath.
The demon’s seduction
Is done…

– Ariana Cherry 2014

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